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With being an antisocial tomato! Please be sure to explore all that my has to offer from beauty to lifestyle, culture, and people as you embark on your journey self-transformation.

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Join me as I explore the vast world of skincare and beauty products from around the world. Get to see my product curations to salty reviews. From first-hand insights into how products are formulated, and to how the market works, to interviews with the beauty industry’s movers and shakers and the next “holy grail” product

A diary of a boss lady!

Success in any field and life, in general, requires an ample amount of focus, dedication, as well the ability to learn from your embarrassing blunders and that of other people who have walked before you. This is how you grow, this is how you become empowered. On the antisocial tomato, I share my experiences and thoughts on life bringing myself into the light, to see my shadows.

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No community grows on its own, neither is the journey to self-improvements done alone, don’t miss out on my talks with people who have achieved notable ‘success’ in their lives and fields, to our community challenges and events.

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It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that doesn’t talk about the same old stuff all year-round.


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