how would you feel if the pimple on your face say, the size of a 20-gallon garbage can?

a lot of you Hollywood and kpop enthusiast have been wondering how the hell do all those celebrities look so flawless on camera? are they even human? they’re onscreen flawlessness only serve to heighten they’re larger than life image,

However, today I’m going to give you tips on how you can recreate the same effect and also deal with those damn acne.

But since guerilla warfare is the only way you can deal with that nasty pimple that always rears its head at the absolute wrong time, here are some few combat tips


You can totally block out discoloration of any kind, pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, whatever color you can come up with, the trick is to always seek out makeup foundation that has high pigment level, the more pigment it has per ounce, the better chance there is of putting the product on thin and still getting a good coverage. look for a pigment level of 50 to 70 percent.

Meanwhile, there are still some things you have to consider when buying a foundation.

First, in order for your makeup not to look as if it had been thrown on you using a pitchfork ( if that’s even possible) you have to pick a shade that is the closest to your skin tone if you want to have a natural-looking coverage. To watch video on how to pick the perfect foundation for your skin tone, click

There are three types of makeup foundation; stick, cream, and powder foundation. the stick foundation is often used by professionals as it is the hardest to apply and blend well to the skin. however, you will see it mostly used in makeup for editorial magazines, runway fashion shows, and the likes.

cream foundation is practically the most common type of makeup foundation, however, I have noticed that the cream foundation never really quite go well with people who have oily skin like me. but this though to some extent depends on the brand you’re buying.

powder foundations go perfectly on oily skin and are the easiest type of foundation to apply and blend.

Products to watch out for

If you haven’t noticed by now, Korean make up brands do not offer darker pigment cosmetic foundation. Nevertheless, my favorite foundation brand at the moment is the Maybelline fit me line. They also have one of the broadest foundation shades out there Click to buy from Amazon for $5. To find your perfect Maybelline fit me shade, watch this video as it covers all 40 available shades!

For Korean brands, however, I do prefer the nude foundation by A’pieu as it does have an excellent coverage

You can visit this store to get Korea cosmetics at a drop in a bucket prices @ cosmetic love


you can never really tell the pigment level of any product by mere looking at it, however, you can know by sampling it. take a drop of it and rub it on your skin, if it’s so solid in a color that you can’t see your own skin, then you know it has a high pigment level and would be excellent for covering blemishes.

Another really good foundation made today which offers good coverage for very thin application is Nars velvet matt foundation stick, and Dior Dior skin forever perfect foundation broad-spectrum, spf35. However, when talking about flawless finish there is one little bad boy that cannot be overlookedimages

Which is one of the beauty tools which revolutionized the makeup world is the beauty blender. If you use a beauty blender well, you’ll probably never need to touch makeup brushes ever again, seriously!

the seamless natural make up base a beauty blender creates by far outperforms any other makeup application tool on the market. when you need your makeup to look skin-like, all you need is to bounce a sponge onto the skin with makeup on it to add dimensions, additionally by adding a little bit of water to the sponge, it will set the makeup and give it a more natural luminous finish.

HOW TO: Before using a blender, dip a couple of times in water, say six times, and squeeze out the excess water. This not only help with a flawless total coverage, but you’d also end up having to use less foundation. be sure to use an egg-shaped blender, as this allows you better handling, it lets you get to those hard to reach places like around the nose and eyes. using flat surface sponge, in this case, would be counterproductive. get beauty blender from Amazon

Here is a beginners makeup tutorial video on how to do a natural-looking makeup


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