How to get defined cheekbones and an awesome side face profile

While most people spend hours at the gym working out trying to either lose weight or sculpt their body, very little people, however, spend time working on the most visible part of their body; their face.

When it comes to a toned face, however, there are two things which most interest women, a sculpted jawline and cheek-bones. Everyone wants those. More or less at least. But if you’re reading this article then you most likely fall between the ones looking for some cheekbone action or just the curious ones.

Today I’ll be showing you the current cheekbone exercise I’m trying out at the moment which I got from BLUSH WITH ME by Permita Karter. The goal is to do two things, First to lift the cheekbone area which we usually highlight when we apply makeup to our faces, and second to cut the fat on the lower area of our cheeks.


Although naturally, it is impossible to raise the upper part of our cheeks. though surgically it is possible, the risk of getting botched up is just too high that it really isn’t advisable. What we can do however is to cut the fat in the lower area of our cheeks to create the illusion of a raised cheekbone.

Permita Karter

In my opinion, nevertheless, this workout will also be suitable for men looking to gain that muscling cheekbone look which male models tend to flaunt around here and there.

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Remember, that just like every type of workout routine, consistency is key if you want to get any results.


You pretty much have to do it as often as possible and since they are quite easy and convenient you can do them at whatever time in the day. I do these exercises about five to six times per week. So without further ado, let’s get to it….



cheek 3

Feel the air in your mouth and hold for three minutes, for those of you who cannot hold for that long because your cheek muscles aren’t strong enough yet, you can try holding for ten seconds and then release for five seconds, then repeat again till you complete an equivalent of a three-minute exercise. Nevertheless For those who can go all the way, feel free to do so.


caution! You must resist the urge to pull your lips downwards during this exercise, you do not want to thin out the skin in that region, keep your lips upright throughout the process.



Feel in your mouth with air, but not as much as the first exercise, to one side of the cheek, hold for ten seconds and then move to the other cheek for which you will hold for an equal amount of time. Move the air to the upper part of the mouth and then the lower part, and then hold for ten seconds respectively.


3: EXERCISE THREE Blow one hundred kisses


4: EXERCISE FOUR: Stretch your lips outwards as if to blow air out of your mouth

after a couple of seconds, say twenty, tap on your laugh lines and cheeks, from top to bottom and keep blowing for an extra twenty-second. Remember however not to stretch your lips downwards, always keep it upright.


5: EXERCISE FIVE: Here’s an exception to the no pulling rule.


You would not create laugh lines by doing this exercise, for laugh lines are not created by laughing or smiling, they are created by an unbalanced weight distribution due to gravity that falls on the cheeks. Start this exercise by moving the mouth to one area and holding for ten counts then moving to the other side and hold for an equal amount of time.


If you have a bloated face due to late-night eating, snacking or just general poor lifestyle choices, read this post

the ideas shared here will also help you in getting a facial detox, improve skin radiance, and give you plumper looking skin!


To watch the full video on the exercise given in this post, click the link below for a YouTube tutorial

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