5 ways to instantly turn yourself into a brand that SELLS!

There are many famous people who have risen to untold levels of fame and success from considerably nothing all over history. Using basic principles of marketing, sales, and self-development to give them an edge over the rest of their competitions. As a human living in the world’s society, you will always be in competition with other things/people to achieve what you desire the most. Be it the environment, your mindset, people, and even fate itself. However, you must learn to outmaneuver all of these, if you ever want to have what it is you desire.

Marketing, selling and self-development are closely related, and Value development requires a little bit more marketing and selling of yourself to have an above-average advantage. Before I go any further, I need to emphasize to both my old and new readers the same thing I’ve been sounding out for so long; value is an illusion that can be created by anyone with wits.

The trick, however, is not to get marketing, sales, and self-development mixed up. Though they may be related. They play distinct yet specialize roles.


Your public image and the message you pass across to society is too important to be left in the hands of other people, or the worst society itself. No matter how good of an intention they tend to portray. Marketing is everything. And a strong marketing can greatly bolster your unfair advantage over other people far more than beautiful bodily features would ever do you BECAUSE you can always find another pretty younger face. If good looks are your greatest personal advantage over the rest of your competitors, then sadly it is not good enough ( even in the areas of love and professional scene), It just isn’t a strong enough advantage. At least in the long run.

in our current times, beauty is no longer a rare and inaccessible fit anymore; a bit of makeup here, plastic surgeon there, some good cloths and, the right attitude and you’re it. literally, anyone can be beautiful.

History has shown that people who are good at manipulating their public image to not only court attention but also pull crowds towards them have the greatest advantage at the end.

If the business world has taught me anything, is that money and everything good always goes to wherever the crowd is. When starting out, your goal shouldn’t be the perks that could be gained as quickly as possible. Do that, and you would be building a house of cards.

To create a structure that last, you need a network and strong a follower base. These people, and not a fortune, will catapult you to wherever you want to go with ease.

Learn from the bible, seek first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added abundantly unto you.


We live in an age of brands and buying ( buying into ideas, trends, movements, etc. often without critical thinking). No longer is selling (skills and whatnot) king.

Branding is putting a name on a product (you), that earns a reputation over the years because it stands for something of “value”.

Branding pre-sells you to the public and shortens people’s hesitation to gather round you and buy what you’re selling. Remember people of your type (or the image you portray) would always gravitate towards you.

A brand has a clear image and can be easily identified by your audience. It is like a red-hot iron pushed on the side of a cow’s hide, it does not come off.

Another synonymous word to brand is a reputation. If you and I believe it that beyouncé is the best female vocals in the world (even when in reality, it is far from the truth) then that my friend, is the truth.


For high performing individuals, branding is similar to setting the standards in their “industries” for whatever it is they want to be recognized for. Branding and standard-setting are both similar and yet different. Beware of mixing up the two.

To set a standard you have to pick a particular reputation you want to be associated with and what it is that you offer (be it knowledge, a way of life, a new movement, or trend).

Whatever you do, your primary job is to link your name and what you’re trying to sell to the public with a special meaning, it doesn’t always have to be a rational one.

Most people will jump on the bandwagon of whatever ever is cool, adventurous, even rebellious for the time.

that special reputation; the rake, the rebel, the imp, the genius, the daredevil, the siren. whatever it is. It is what you want to be inserted into your audiences’ minds.

Your ultimate marketing strategy is to have your name synonymous with whatever category you’re trying to create for yourself.


Setting a new standard when creating a brand requires focusing all efforts to areas that will present the best advantage for you and what you are offering.

It also means picking an area where if you can dominate and win in easily, or the fastest, you can then win in every other subsequent area.

No matter how much we do not like to think about it, we have very limited time on earth, and our time per day, even more so. You can’t spend all your time trying to be strong and win in every area, you will burn out and end up not really exploiting your full potential, your competitive advantage.

Resist the urge to fall into the life of a jack of all trade, multi Tasker, master of none!

You must be extremely frugal and ridiculously selfish about what you chose to expend your time and efforts on. Even if our school system has pre-programmed us to pay more attention to areas we clearly lack strengths.

Learn to economize and mass your resources at areas you have the greatest advantage in life; the 80/20 rule. Whenever you feel you are getting caught up in tasks, remind yourself this, God gives you a bear, life throws at you hares. It is your job to decide which to chase after.

the concentration of force and singularity of purpose is critical for success, with either up and coming people or professionals.

To become world-class you have to pick one thing to focus on, and not a long list of wishful.

Never try to sell your talents or what you offer to the wrong crowd, it’ll be like pouring water in a basket!

And it’ll throw you out of balance.

Naive rookies would want to sell to everybody their ideas, talents, or services. They want to identify with everything and everyone because they feel that they might miss out on big opportunities if they don’t.

The problem with accepting everything from everyone, and trying to be everywhere is that it dissipate your resources (time, energy, money, sanity).

Such wild actions will only throw you into all too many directions and prevent you from actually becoming a leader in anything, and a leader is the only position you should aim at.


Positioning is about a special kind of focus. This kind of focus is at aiming at a psychological target in the mind of your ideal target or audience.

Focus positioning is not only for products advertised on T.V to customers.

Focus positioning is about aiming at the thinking of your most important people and ignoring the rest.

Focusing is about appealing to the emotions of the people at whom you are aiming at. Although focusing the mind is not easy, but without it, you will waste precious time, and wastefully burn up cash and everything of real value at your expense.

You need to pick a narrow, focused target because what you are trying to accomplish is very difficult.

Your goal is to fit yourself in the mind of your prospective audience as a particular thing. But the tricky thing about mind positioning is that it is done not by you but in the mind of your audience, all you can do is to influence.

If you haven’t noticed by now it is much harder to influence people to your own will and let them act willingly in your favor, than it is to coax or force them to bend to your advantage.

This is hard, especially to people who are yet to comprehend people’s behavior. Your goal in positioning is to make your targets think you are the one and only, irreplaceable. Even if in reality it is far from the truth. This is critical not only in the career and social world but even in the world of romance.

positioning requires two things in order to be potent, an ideal target (customer, audience, person), and a competitor (either offering similar or the same thing as you). People are always comparing things, either consciously or unconsciously.

It’s like I’ve always said, as long as you are in this world, in society, you will always be in competition with someone who wants what you want, and as well, people who would want to stop you at any cost.

Uniqueness, even the illusion of it, is your money cow.

But beware that there is a fine line between, authentic genius, and utter stupidity.

Be watchful of the latter!


Choosing your ideal target is probably going to be not only your biggest task but your most difficult one as well.

I will share with you the tip of the iceberg for this topic since it’s a broad one, sequels would follow hereafter (next week or so), so subscribe to keep up!

Begin by first focusing on a narrow set of people, who would have everything to gain from you and what you’re bringing to the table, and not the other way around.

There is a saying that “he who holds the resources, holds the power”.

But I would paraphrase this as, “He who holds what everyone wants, has the power, and calls the shots”.

This is also applicable to you!

When you are picking your target, make sure you have what is it in their psyche that they are looking for. Your primary targets are the ones who need your strengths. Everyone is interdependent in this world. True brutal independence is a romanticism.

The greats know that to build a strong base for themselves, is to leave people who are inaccessible and focus on those who can be moved by them. This is the wisest path to follow.

You cannot win or seduce everyone over, on the other hand, you must hunt down those who would respond positively to build your foundation and create an avalanche momentum. Your ideals are the ones who would best respond to you.


Recall that your objective is to make your product so appealing to your ideal target that they rush to buy whatever it is you are selling to them.

So ask yourself, “what exactly can I do to make whatever I’m selling wildly compelling?, what is it that will get people excited?, will it save me time if I should focus mainly on that to reach my ultimate objective? “Just what is it exactly that would get people panting for more?”.

Discovering your value proposition is definitely not intuitively obvious, and it shouldn’t.

If people can clearly, objectively define it, it becomes banal and looses its seductive lure.

Additionally, it opens you up to critiques who would want to rain on your parade by proving that you all not all that, damping down whatever image you created.

Its either that, or you’d be faced by copy-cats, who would turn whatever you bring to the table into a commodity, something cheap and easily gotten.

Although your value has to be seen, especially by your targets, it shouldn’t, however, be easily explained. See learning the sinister arts of fame from the Modern Masters

Even though what you offer shouldn’t be obvious to other people, it should be, however to you.

You can’t wield a weapon to the maximum level of exploitation if you do not know what it does, and what it could do.

Your goal is to create an image that sells itself. And how do you do that?


  • Be clear about what you want to pass across to the public, to your audience. “Explain what it is you are trying to do”, is not what you want to hear from people after coming out. As the more, you try to talk about your work, or worst, explain it. The less alluring it seems. You want to be able to draw a clear-cut, high-definition, 4D image in your head about what is it you are about.
  • your value proposition should save you time, money, as well as energy. Because you know if you can successfully sell in that area, it will sell the rest of what you have to offer by itself.
  • It has to be compelling enough to get people’s attention and keep it long enough for them to get hooked or sold. Your value has to be something that your target really needs in their lives, but are yet to get it. Be it a chance to leave out their most authentic selves through you, a chance to be adventurous, a chance to play the knight, the rebel, a chance to identify with something larger than life, etc.
  • your value shouldn’t be at the mercy of fleeting things; physical looks or maybe even, finances.
  • It must be something that can be improved and made better than it was before, something that can be grown; idea, talent, lifestyle, movement, etc. After you crafted your first compelling version that was successful, DON’T STOP THERE!, why? because somebody, somewhere out there is struggling just like you to make a previous success, or idea obsolete.

because this topic is so broad, I will break the marketing segment into sequels to make the articles short and concise. Next time, I will stress on how to:

  1. soft sell to your targeted audience
  2. create the perfect mind positioning message
  3. create a calendar and an action plan for yourself
  4. how to economize your resources to the best of your advantage against other people.
  5. how to create an ideal target checklist

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