Everyone wants those slim legs and thigh gap.

Slimming down the thighs

It’s all over the internet, with a countless amount of videos on YouTube teaching us how to get it done. But even with so many teachers out there, a lot of people are still far from their dream lower body. Getting slimmer legs is hard, not hard work, but hard.

How to get slim legs

Most people who try working out or dieting( if not an extreme one) only pretty much end up getting bulkier in that area,

Also, see how to eliminate post-workout leg bulking and swelling

Even if their instructor had guaranteed the opposite result. Why is this then?. Well, I’m going to be discussing two areas; slim legs and a thigh gap (as you can have a slimmer leg, but still have no thigh gap). This article will be broken into two.



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Has anyone ever worked so hard on a diet and only lost weight on their torso? or after you worked out so hard your jeans only felt tighter?.

A lot of people are unaware that there is also something called lower body obesity which is different from total body obesity, they are two different things! A diet and workout regimen effective for the whole body may have little to no effects on your thigh. Worst-case scenario, the effects on their lower body may be negative.

this is more prevalent for premenopausal women, especially those in their twenties or teens, the primary area for the body’s fat storage is the thigh and butt due to the presence of estrogens. This is why it is always ridiculously difficult to lose fat in that area, it is the last place your body taps into when using up its fat stores, it is also the first place you would gain weight in once you start to put on weight.

Thunder thighs solution

for older women however, they store their fat primarily in the abdominal.

in the light of this, weight loss for the general body should not be treated the same way as weight loss for the thighs, as this may require a greater level of intensity! insulin still remains the most influential fat regulator of the body, and long as your insulin level is high, no matter the amount of caloric deficit you adopt, you will never really lose the fat around that area, and even if you do, it will not be lasting.

do note however that some people can get away with rather normal or moderately high insulin levels, but for people who have stubborn fat, almost as if their thighs are lipophilic as I, in other to lose fat around that area, your insulin level would have to be at the base level. that is, you would have to consume less than 30 grams of net carbohydrates a day!

Sugar and fatty thighs

However, a thicker thigh may be as a result of either too much fat or overly tight and explosive muscles often common with people who do leg workouts like crazy. if you start from muscle exercises to lose leg fat, you might end up with even thicker legs.


Although it is best to avoid bulk inducing workout, If you have thick thighs as a result of intense workout then you have to make your legs “soft” in order to take away the inches and give you slender legs. you must first start out with stretching, lymphatic massages, and a little bit of good diet therapy.

Cooking for fat loss

start with stretching (yoga or so), Also see 10 minutes leg workout to reduce bulk and a meal plan for the first week. It may, however, take much longer for people with thick legs. It may take 3 to 4 weeks to get any noticeable results, it is then important to start the muscle workouts to get toned.


Some of the suggestions I may make might sound outrageous or downright comical to some people, but keep in mind that whatever is being shared here, was shared out of the experience I had and out of a great deal of trial and error.


What you should and shouldn’t eat on your journey to slimmer legs is ridiculously important and will determine if you will ever get any results, at all. I will tell you ten foods you can, and can’t eat on this journey, some may contradict the general bodyweight-loss diet, but as I said, the lower body is an entirely different terrain.



  • you have to eat cooked vegetables, not raw ones. raw veggies are good for the whole body, but it is not helpful for blood circulation on the legs.
  • only drink water when you are thirsty as this curbs unnecessary insulin spike that may result if you drink normal beverages. This contradicts general knowledge, drinking an excessive amount of water, also depletes the amounts of electrolytes in your body, it makes you dehydrated and eventually retains fluid. When it comes to the legs, water causes swelling. if you have thicker legs, water should be drunk only when thirsty.
  • this is important, EAT FEWER CARBS. people usually reduce carbs and increase protein, but excessive protein can turn into fat and is much harder to get rid of as fat! Because you still need protein, your diet ratio should be <30:30:40, carbs, protein, and fat respectively. this will prevent protein buildup. But take carbs through rice not bread, brown rice would be ideal, but plain rice is good. it is still better than bread( whole grain bread also is fine). Veggies should be ideal, however, it does not have to be keto-approved, nevertheless, your net carb and fructose intake are low to moderate.
  • eat your last meal 4 to 5 hours before sleep, it won’t make you fat, but when eaten in excess, it will. Don’t eat a bunch of fried foods!
  • seaweed is a must, take as much as you can. you need a lot of minerals to make your legs softer. seaweeds like sea mustard, laver, and kelp contain lots of minerals. for lower body obesity, minerals in fruits and veggies are not enough. When eating seaweeds, however, eat the roasted ones, you can carry roasted laver in a zip bag when going out.
  • be sure to eat steamed cabbage, it is famous for helping slim down the legs. you can easily cook them in a microwave container so you can eat for every meal
  • you must take vitamin b and c. just make sure they are not from synthetic sources. your B can be gotten from seaweed and C can be from Camu Camu powder.
  • root veggies are also helpful. lotus roots, radish, burdock, carrots, spring onion, onion, garlic. since it’s hard to eat them separately, you can combine them as side dishes
  • to be careful with sodium. It is your biggest enemy for it lead to swelling, if you don’t treat the swelling, it’ll remain like that as your permanent thigh size! so use sodium as little as possible.
  • don’t consume fruits high in fructose, and since fruits are generally high in sugar, some people avoid altogether, but I recommend these alternatives; blueberries, black currant, oranges. you can take small amounts of it on your diet.
  • give up coffee and alcohol during your diet.

diet tips

  • drink a half cup of lukewarm water and with half lemon on rising if you chose not to fast
  • although your menu might change from time to time, it is good to have fixed meals, trying to add foods that will aid in fat loss.
  • Portion sizing for thigh gaps

phase two

  • trigger blood circulation before a workout. for the obese person, you’ve got to pay more attention to blood circulation than the workout. you can’t treat obesity if the blood circulation is bad. it’s worst for the people who don’t sweat, yet have a cold body, hand, and feet. never leave swelling untreated.
  • the easiest method for blood circulation is through showering and dry brushing. night showers, however, are the most important. half body bath, half-foot bath, but it’s inconvenient to do them separately. additionally, night showers help discharge waste from the body.

lower body exercise

you must first be focused on ridding the fat before building muscles. because you want slimmer legs, no bulk. do ballet-inspired exercise, pilates, and yoga. no HIIT, or similar. No weight training.


consistency is key! tease your legs with the proper nutrition, then your dream legs will shape. fun fact is, if you lose your leg fat from stretching, it will look 3cm longer!. stress is also a big issue and leading cause of lower body obesity, so don’t get yourself too stressed out!.


Contrary to what people want to be believed; there is no exercise you can do that’ll make you achieve a thigh gap. when you work out your inner thigh to create a thigh gap, what you are doing is building muscles around that area, and when you build muscles it grows, it becomes bigger, so in a nutshell, you will end up creating less of a gap between your legs by building muscles. There are only three ways to get a thigh gap

  • you are born with it, it’s genetic, the way that your pelvis is shaped, the way that your hips are shaped, in such a way that even if you were heavier of five kilo- lighter, the gap will still be there. This is because these set of people grow outwards, hip wise. when your hips are narrower, it will be impossible to get a gap, even if you are a size zero.
  • the second way is to have very thin or slim legs, like a supermodel, or by following my slim leg diet and tips just discussed.
  • the third way to get a thigh gap is to stand in a certain way; putting your big toes together while your hills are shifted far away from each other. which by the way is just weird if you look at it.

one last thing I want to point out to people concerning a thigh gap is that it is not for everyone. In other words, it will not look good on everyone’s body. A thigh gap is just what it is – a trend. and just because something is in vogue doesn’t mean it’ll suit your body and bring out your unique beauty. As an AnT, your number one goal is to be the honest best version of YOU, not a copy of a trend that will eventually turn rancid in the future anyway.

Science behind thigh gaps

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Get thigh gap in 20s step by step

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