“I just want to be beautiful” is something a lot of women tell themselves directly or indirectly each and everyday. “Beautiful” in that sentence could mean untold amount of things, spiritual, emotional, physical, et cetera. But one thing most think about consciously or not, is the physical one. truth be told, most women deep down, maybe even deeper down, dread the way they look. We’d look at the mirror and our flaws immediately catches our attention like a thief.

Some may be wondering why I decided to rant about THIS, this topic about everyone considering modelling. I just want to point out that the “modelling” addressed in this article is not the traditional modelling everyone has come to know about, even if technically this article is based on it. No matter how the modelling world has been criticised for promoting unrealistic beauty standards, and even to some extent diminishing the image of women to a mere walking cloth hanger or mannequin. There is something extraordinary I have come to notice and admire about that industry, which in essence brought about the idea to have this article on the net.


Part of being a true individualist is being WOKE, and not in the modern pop sense propagated by the leftist liberals, which in reality is just another form of selective bias. As an individualist, being “woke” means seeing life or things in more ways or directions than one, undiluted by personal emotions or bias. Without fine tuning information or situation to suit or comply with your already held believes and convictions. In essence, it means being detached, For you can never truly see a picture and its beauty if you are in it!.

I was watching a video on YouTube made by a black model in south Korea. She had gone for consultation, and had the whole experience caught on camera for her viewers. ( for some of you who do not know by now, south Korea is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world, they even had an entire district in Seoul dedicated to plastic surgery clinics and hospitals. That place is Gangnam-gu, Seoul. it is said that 3 out of every 10 korean women have had some kind of work done on them). In korea, unlike the rest of the world, plastic surgery is not something abhor, but it is praised. They would say that if it will make you happier, if it will not hurt anyone, and improve the quality of your life, which it will, then go for it ; they are a lot of privileges to being beautiful.

Anyway, before I get out of line.

When she got to the consultation with the doctor, their conversation wasn’t about how to get a slimmer Barbie looking nose, or one of those trendy body features, their entire conversation encircled how to enhance unique body features.


The surgeon said that models who usually come in for consultations were not really concerned or aiming to look a certain way that is in trend, but how to have more unique features.

This got me curious as to why they were so obsessed with looking more or less different in contrast to other people, I ended up finding out in a nut shell how much uniqueness is praised, sort after even. They don’t have to be “beautiful” in the traditional sense, in this industry beauty is found everywhere, and every look tells a personal story.

Beauty in a sense is constant, never fixed. And it can be created from whatever, it only requires well-trained hands and eyes to be able to spot, cut and refine it like a diamond to bring out something totally authentic on all ramifications to the world!

If you have been sleep reading this article from the onset till now, I plead for your undivided attention for I am about to get into the main message I wanted to pass across today. I am going to be using the lessons I have come to learn from the modelling world to express the message, and hopefully after reading this article, you too would come to see that industry in an entirely new light, and even, maybe, respect it.

No two individuals are alike; their fingerprints, genetic code, and chromosome combinations are all distinct and unique. In reality, “God” created all people to be originals, but we continue to become copies of others. Too often we are so preoccupied with trying to fit in, that we never stand out. We were created to be distinctive, special, irreplaceable, unique. Not normal! not average!

In the modelling world the “normal”, “average”, “common”, “regular”, no matter how “beautiful” plateaus rather rapidly in comparison to others. Do not strive to be accepted, rather strive to be the best version of yourself ever to be in existence. Utilise all your functions and maximise yourself

Great minds and souls know that what they had done or accomplished must never be confused with what they can yet do, they never settle for “great work”.

A lot of people do not know that the title of a “victoria secret angel” is not life long-held. These models, irrespective of their ranking in the industry or if they were once awarded that title, have to fight each year to reclaim that title. If you were awarded that title this year and you slack off, it will be gone by the next year. In Nigeria there is a saying that, “‘I had it before’, is not a property”. In the modelling world there is no room for mediocrity!


One of life’s great tragedies is that the majority of the world’s population is composed of individuals who have negotiated an agreement with mediocrity, signed a contract with the average, and pledged allegiance to the ordinary.

They have resolved never to be more than society has made them to be or do more than what is expected of them. One of the reasons we fail to progress is because of our satisfaction with our present measure of success. But the enemy of great is good and we cannot become what we were born to be by remaining just what we are.

How many people know that models are one of the hardest working people on the planet, they work ridiculously long hours on and off shoot. Because a model’s body is so unnatural it takes greater work to maintain, just like every other artificial thing on this planet. Birds fly, planes fly. But the plane requires more attention, maintenance and a constant stream of engineers to keep it working fine and prevent it from crashing, but how much of these does the bird need to keep it at max performance?

A model’s body is an animate version of the sketches made by designers on their drawing books, and if you’ve ever seen a fashion illustration you would know that the image depicted is in no way close to the image of a real woman.

Their job is to bring fantasy to life, to become not only the artist of their body, painting their image to soft sell the ideas of the designer, they are the work of art themselves. They  have no room to slip up, for a slight detour is enough to throw them off track

Can we be entirely free in this world? I don’t think so because nothing is free. Even though advertisers try to sell to us that we can get something for nothing, we are still paying for it one way or the other. Even the air you breath is not free, you still have to pay back to nature by breathing out carbon dioxide. try owing nature by refusing to breath out and watch you debt suffocate you to death!


We cannot be entirely free to do what we want, when we want, where we want it, with whom we want it. Freedom always has a price, because the action of one person restricts and influence the freedom of another. We all need each other to survive, and you were not created for just yourself only. Why did I say this? Because in order to fulfill your unique assignment, you in turn have to be unique yourself. You can’t  stand out if you are just like everyone else, the only way you can truly make a difference and a contribution is to embody everything you are, then bank on it!

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Milking it dry till there is nothing left but an anorexic cow ( pun unintended).

Today I’m not telling everyone to jump into the modelling band wagon and start auditioning for casting roles, But rather that you leave this site with the mindset that uniqueness should be coveted.

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