Abs minus the strenuous workouts in two weeks

I hate strenuous workouts, in fact, I don’t even like working out that much. In the traditional sense at least. Pilates is my most found of workout because it stresses me the least. But even at that, there is always this annoying tension in my neck whenever I try abs exercises, even when I’m doing the correct forms.

I’m going to break this article into two parts, how to get abs without working out and how to lose weight without working out and still build lean muscle mass. However, I’m going to share with you how to get abs first because I just made a game-changing discovery ( for me at least) and I think it will be of great help to people with similar issues. Additionally, talking about abs is what interests me the most at the moment. I’ll talk about the other part of this article next week Tuesday, so stay tuned.

Why is working out so hard and losing weight even harder? because we made it so!. Go on Pinterest, and every other (most) sites, and whenever you see a workout or gym photo, or worst, a motivational quote or picture with someone working out at the background, you’ll always see them doing some strenuous, difficult, macho workout only for the brave. With a sweaty body that looks like they’ve been dipped into a bucket of caramel!. What does it do to the average person psychologically? it makes you think that before you can really see results before you can claim the pride of having the discipline to workout, you need to make the process as uncomfortable, complex, and as difficult as possible. I too have fallen into this workout and weight loss romanticism. We humans just so love to complicate life, it’s as if simplicity is seen as stupidity. Most people would rather believe and follow a complex and difficult procedure than do the opposite. WHY? because deep down, we are masochistic, we love pain. that’s where we draw worth from. How sad!.

So how do we get abs?. You don’t, you already have it silly!. It’s just buried deep within your layer of flesh and fat. The less fat you have between your outer flesh and abdominal muscle, the more visible it becomes, it doesn’t ever go away. So in essence, doesn’t it mean that all you actually need to focus on to get those coveted abs is to reduce abdominal fat while sparing muscles to get those ripped abs look?. Doesn’t it also mean, therefore, that those hours spent at the gym or with a workout video just to create the effects maybe, just maybe, unnecessary?.

A wise man once said that if you want work done faster and better, you should give it to a lazy man. While he doesn’t mean a lazy man in the sense of those who sit on their butt all day and then wait for things to happen, which in most cases, doesn’t. He does, however, mean those men who in the efforts of avoiding physical hard labor, would come up with a less demanding and more clever way to go around the problem. For they are not fooled by the sociality’s obsession with hard labor and unnecessary pain. My discovering came as a result of laziness, of the unwillingness to put such large amounts of hard work to reach my goals…….


Who’s got two thumbs and a protruding belly? this girl!🙆. And at least 60% of the world’s population😁. There isn’t a rocket science brainer to get abs though, but a lot of people fail to have it because they are going on about it the wrong way. Although the title of this post promises abs in two weeks, it will take longer however for some people who have larger belly fat, who are bloated or have a hormonal issue. But before you jump straight into my recommendations, you have to know what causes what in your body before you can adequately address an issue. You can’t treat a problem when you do not know what your problem is and what caused it especially. Since I’m speaking from experience, this article would be primarily for belly fat, and a bloated belly. But for other concerns, feel free to consider my advice, since some of them have great health benefits long-term.

When going on a “lazy” style approach to a smaller waistline there are things you must first put into place, habits you must master and also old habits you just have to do away with if you ever want to have long-term results. Getting a flat tummy, even abs is easy, that right, “easy”, but what’s not easy is keeping results which technically is most important!. However, here are some of my tips on how to get you to the position of maintenance.

  • AVOID BLOATING AND OVEREATING AT ALL COST: If you want to first reduce your waist inches and draw your stomach walls together so your abdominal can be visible, you must first stop your belly from pulling away from each other. I know there are a lot of articles and infographics out there that tells you which foods will and will not cause you to bloat, but the thing is, just because a particular food is listed as an anti-bloat food doesn’t mean you will not bloat from consuming it. Additionally, because food is listed as a potential bloat causing food, it doesn’t mean you’d get bloated consuming it. What am I trying to say in essence?, the only way to know if truly you will bloat after eating it is by studying your body after consumption of certain foods ( or all foods, to get a wider scope). Another thing I’ve noticed from people is that a lot of them are bloated without even knowing it, believe me, you could get bloated by consuming a banana or even tap water!. I and my roommate at the university would testify to this one, I went down two inches on my waistline by just changing the kind of water I drink. You may be wondering, “okay, how then can I tell if a certain thing boats me up?”, well that’s what I’ll be talking about in my next two points which goes hand in hand.
  • SPACE OUT YOUR MEALS: you made a great lunch after planing hours ahead or even prior to that very day what you were going to have that afternoon, maybe even after following my advice on HOW I GOT OVER MY CRAVINGS; and how you too can and it was time to eat, what do you do?. Go right in shove down everything on your plate, everything you’ve had all planned to eat that afternoon all at once, maybe you even googled down a fruit juice along with it. “It’s healthy,” you think, “so why should I feel bloated afterward?”. The thing is, even though those foods may be absolutely healthy for your consumption, those foods have different digestion time and even different digestive enzymes working on them to help you metabolize the foods to make sure they are efficiently utilized and no “junk” is left in your abdominal that will only end up giving you a much larger waistline and fat!. A lot of people have been fooled into seeing food compatibility as unimportant because they think whatever you eat is just going to end up in the same place, so what is the point spacing them out. However, because some foods require different digestive processes eating two very distinctive foods will make your body have no choice but to suspend the digestion on one food so it can attend to another. A classic example is eating a glass of milk with a high carb food like bread, or foods like a beacon. When you consume high carb foods with heavy protein, They don’t just bud well!. So what do you do then? space out your meal. eat first the easily digested ones that are compatible, then wait at least 20 minutes, this is the time you study your body to see how you feel after eating certain foods. One way I know it buds well with my stomach is if my tummy feels light and abdominal wall tighter after the consumption of such foods. then you can build up the momentum…..spacing and watching between consumption.
  • EAT COMPATIBLE FOODS: never combine two highly distinctive foods together, never eat foods containing more than two major ingredients (spices excluded). this will let you better understand the kind of food your body says you are allowed to eat, and what your body says not to. I can’t tell exactly what you should and should not eat because I am not you, I don’t live in your body. Creating health and fitness for yourself is something you just have to learn to do by yourself, and how do you do that? by active engagements in your own life!. You can’t spend hours studying the market, and some other stuff and completely ignore the only thing that makes you exist in this realm, your body!. Food is more than just calories, it is the most powerful drug on earth, and just like a computer, you are going to get out whatever you put in. Garbage in, garbage out. It is that simple!. Your body knows what it needs, so stop relying on companies, the government, or diet “gurus” to tell you what your body likes when they are not in your body, it’s just like someone trying to narrate how a night scene is in Paris while they have never even been to Europe!.
  • INTERMITTENT FAST: now you didn’t honestly believe I was going to talk about a topic like this without my personal favorite, intermittent fasting!. One of the best ways to lose fat and flush out junk from your abdominal while sparing your muscles is through intermittent fasting, period!. The main idea with intermittent fasting is having a set of eating time, allowing your body to burn fat, which is much cleaner energy compared to glucose. While in the fasted state, your body burns only fat, sparing the muscles which in essence is your ultimate goal when it comes to having abs without having to hit the gym. The problem however with people who intermittent fast occurs when they do not know how to properly break a fast. No matter how much you fast, and I say this from experience, you are not going to shed if you come out of the fasted state the wrong way, you’d only end up making all your efforts useless. When breaking a fast, follow the second and third principles given in this article. When I’m coming out of the fasted state, I don’t just go right on and start shoving food down my throat, even if they are healthy ones. For my digestive system have been asleep or in a “rested” state for too long that having “heavy” meals come in without prior notice will just override my digestion or metabolism. Do this and you might get bloated eating spinach!. So what do I do then, I start the process with a soft, easily digested (at least for me) singular food. I often break my 20 hours fast with a small glass of yogurt with active cultures. It supplies the necessary probiotic and sweetly wakes up my sleepy tummy getting it ready to receive solid food😋. Putting in solids right away is like waking a kid by two in the morning and expecting him to run 3 laps under one minute!. An article on how to do a more effective intermittent fast for best results will be released next week, so stay tuned and subscribe!.
  • USE YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES THROUGHOUT THE DAY: To keep your bowel moving and detoxing you have to get off your butt!. I bet you weren’t expecting me to drop this bomb😎😝. But seriously you have to move something. Walking should be one of your personal favorites because it is mine!. walking helps stimulate your metabolism and it also builds up your abdominal muscles, so don’t go thinking you have to do crunches and planks before you can tighten up your walls. You can also try cycling, it is a great recreational activity and you’d be also throwing in a little bit of cardio into the mix while taking in more oxygen to fuel your body. Don’t take for granted that little task around your everyday activities; lifting loads, walking up a stir, walking your dog, gardening and digging especially, or just plain sitting up straight. they can really work wonders!.

I hope after this article you will get to realize that there is genius in simplicity, and you don’t have to complicate things to make sense out of them. There is a saying that God chose the “foolish” things of life to confine the wise. I hope that you will follow-up this topic and many more to the end by subscribing to this blog, for there is just so much the AnT team and I are ever so eager to share with you. You can drop your email address to get our monthly readers digest which is directly sent to your email at the start of every month. Although this month’s issue has already been released, the next article to be uploaded to the antisocial tomato website will have a downloadable pdf of this month’s issue, consider it a missed souvenir I just so badly want you to have!.

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