After the publication of the article HOW TO GET ABS WITHOUT EXERCISING IN TWO WEEKS and having a great response to it, I decided that I had added a little more to support the tips that had been shared just to give the readers a broader resource to help them achieve their goals. In this post, I am going to be sharing with you more of the rules you may need to adopt in order to lose the body fat, of which I too keep. However you do not need to adopt everything listed here, but I do however recommend you follow more than just those ones your “lazy-self” accepts to follow.


To everything on earth, there are always rules to follow if you intend to use something to the best of its capabilities. You don’t pour garbage into your gas tank because you ran out of fuel and are too lazy to go to the gas station, neither do you use tar to mop your floors because you ran out of water. Speaking of tar!, let me deviate from the main point of this article because I just remembered my childhood naughty days and I think it’s a hilarious tale tell.

when I was little, between the ages of 5 to 7, the home alone, baby’s day out, and problem child movie was the craze of the time. I would spend a good number of my time daydreaming of how I could live out the tales of the kids in those movies, It wasn’t long ago that I built a really terrible hot air balloon ( which caused me to break a leg literally when I tried a test flight) because I wanted to fly around the world like Jackie chan and the other actor I didn’t bother to know his name😎 had done in AROUND THE WORLD IN THIRTY DAYS. Prior to that, I was a kid spy like the children in spy kids, then I did karate after watching the karate kid which had cast Jaden smith.

This time around, I was hell-bent on being the problem child. I constructed my own catapult, mobilized other kids, boys and girls alike. talked them into doing the same and at night we’d make spitballs and put them into our mini catapult them make bets on who could get the most spitball into passing vehicles, two points if you could hit the driver in the head! 😈. I was clever to only do this at night when it was hard to spot where the little bombs were coming from, the other kids, however, especially the boys weren’t so smart. when I wasn’t with them one day, they did it in the afternoon and ended up hitting a soldier in the head. didn’t end well, didn’t end well. But I got a good laugh soon…😎. I had an annoying neighbor once who just knows how to kill the fun out of everything, one day when the road on our street was being renovated and the tar used in the construction was still fresh, I scoop a little from the side of the road went to my neighbor’s house and glued his shoes and every other nasty garbage I could find to his front porch. CLASSIC!

While the little tale tells the story of a nasty little girl ( and this was just the tip of the ice Berg) who just went through a phase, the hidden message still lies; how much we are influenced by what we see!. What I saw during my childhood days had influenced me to do the most devilish and as well as the most chivalrous deeds. At one point I became a gospel missionary and environmental activist. I would go from door to door, store to store, even local pubs preaching to the much older citizen. and now that I think of this, I can just imagine how funny and weird I might have looked in the eyes of those older people. I like to live out things I had learned or see, it’s a habit that has really made my life a constant adventure, even though “age” and society’s need for me to be more civilized have beaten out those tendencies great deal. To be honest I’ve lost a more in life trying to be “socialized”, and more cultured than I had being an Imp. My journey to recover that childhood flare and hold on to that little spark in my eyes is what had influenced me to start this blog in the first place, with the hopes that I too could help other people recover that flare that they had lost too. Now while I won’t go on and make spitballs and catapult or glue my neighbor’s shoes and garbage to their porch ( not making any promises though 😈) I do plan on living my life with the same attitude and enthusiasm I had as a little child.

The environment influences us in an untold number of ways. Our portion sizes influenced by fast-food restaurants and company ads, as well as what we choose to put into our bodies. How many of us had bought things just because we saw it on T.V, or because the packaging looked sleek?. A lot of people each year continuously keep on adding more inches to their waistline and yet are perplexed because they don’t even know how comes. But hey, the weight loss company is always there to the rescue. Offering you some expensive pill that’ll supposedly help you shed. Now while I’m not shaming these companies, I do however believe that we can always create long-term results for our self by using nature’s most potent drug, food and following the right rules suitable for our body without having to spend any more than groceries and mini workout supply money!. I been following some set of principles to achieve my goals and most importunities stay trimmed; I’m 5’7 inches, I weigh 54 kg and I’ll be 20 by December this year, my waistline has been 57.5 cm when I have an empty stomach and 60 cm when I stuff myself full. I know the last time some people had that waistline was when they were in the 9 nth grade, some even had only been that when they were in middle school, while some even have never!. This is why I think this article needs to be on the net. So what are these rules?

  • never eat meals with more than two main ingredients, excluding spices. for example, some kind of meat with a salad
  • never eat heavy salad dressing, only olive oil and apple cider vinegar or balsamic
  • reduce sodium intake, low-fat or low sugar foods are often packed full with sodium
  • eat meals at least four hours apart, and when you intermittent fast, resist the urge to eat all foods at your plate at ones, space out your food consumption. If you plan on having two distinctive foods during your eating window, do not combine but eat them after a one hour space to let each food digest before eating another to prevent toxic buildups and bloating. I’ll be uploading an article this week on how to do the Halo style diet.
  • intermittent fast, yes, intermittent fast. this allows your body to get rid of the junk that has been lying dormant in your gut unable to get digested or flushed out because you keep eating more and more food without a resting period. Or because you have been eating foods that have been difficult for your body to digest. ( more on this in an upcoming post)
  • each time you eat your body digestive system dissociates different foods with a different acid, so to avoid complicating the process, avoid mixing too much food together
  • never eat carbs like bread, chocolate or beans with meat. because of this when you eat foods like burgers, it makes you fat. take the bun out!.
  • no soda drinks, ever!
  • green tea boost your metabolism much faster. Try drinking it twice a day, but don’t load them with sugar or honey
  • don’t load your fridge with tons of food, this will let you only eat foods its freshest. while this makes you buy consistently from the grocery store, walking there will also aid your weight loss, so think of it as killing two birds with one stone and a great recreational activity.
  • workout not to lose weight but for fun, this will keep you more motivated.
  • think in advance where you will be during the day, this will let you better plan your meals and know what to expect.

So this is it, folks, it is that simple, however, keeping to it may not be. But that’s another thing about life, it may be difficult at first because it is new, but old habits always tend to be more pleasurable!. learn to form old habits.


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