how long would it take a 170lbs woman to get an abs?

dianayou1: after reading a couple of your blog posts, especially the one that talked about how to get abs without having to workout I got curious, how long does it take to get abs anyway? is it something that can be calculated and a proposed date given on when you could actually see that ripped abs look?


Welcome to a new segment of the antisocial tomato where readers get to forward their questions and concerns to us and we, in turn, have them answered, and that is if we have the answers to them!.

hello dianayou1, thank you for reaching out to us! believe me, you are not the only one who has gotten curious about this topic, especially when most of us “not so fit” people go to the gym and see other buffed up people, only to look at our “out-of-place” body and then wonder when exactly are we going to have the same results as the other person!.

getting abs could take seven days, 3 months or even a year, depending on where you’re starting from and how quickly you are able to burn body fat through diet and exercise.

To get that chiseled look the average woman would have to drop 20% of her body fat, while the average man would need to shed 10%.

the layer of fat covering your muscles has to shrink enough for you to be able to see the rippling tissues underneath. here are resources on how to do it THE MOST EFFECTIVE RULES TO LOSE BELLY FAT IN A MONTH, HOW TO GET ABS WITHOUT EXERCISING IN TWO WEEKS

according to human kinetics, the average woman between the 30 to 50 years of age has 15% to 23% body fat, if you fall within this category, you’ll have to shed about 5 to 11% of your body fat.

to make an estimate, and determine what this actually means for you…

your desired body weight = lean bodyweight/ ( 1 – desired body fat percentage)

your desired body weight is your weight after you have reached your body fat goal.

our lean body weight is how much muscle tissue you currently have.

for example,

anna weighs 77kg ( 170lbs) with a lean bodyweight of 136lbs. her desired body fat percentage is 8%, how does she go about calculating?

132lbs = 100lbs/ (1- 0.08)= 148

170 – 148 = 22

therefore before anna could see any sort of abs, she has to lose 22 pounds fat.

Although you can’t predict exactly how long it will take you to lose it, you can estimate based on your calorie deficit.

for instance,

if she consistently maintains a 500 calorie deficit per day, in one week she’d lose 1 pound of fat, so in 22 weeks (5.5 months) she’d get to her goal.

I know, I know, it looks really slow, but it is just an example.

nonetheless, I do not recommend that people go on and start to estimate when the magic will happen because if you do not meet up with the deadline, it can be really depressive and you might end up losing motivation to keep going.

It is better to just enjoy the process until you reach your goal instead of daydreaming about the results only to be disappointed!.