When’s the best time to workout, before or after a meal?

Rania: hello Halo, my name is Rania and I’ve been reading your posts for sometime now, you always talked about intermittent fasting and how much you love it. My question is though, will I lose weight much faster if I workout on an empty stomach?, because when I go online I always see stuffs like preworkout snacks or foods, or smoothies to help boost your metabolism while you workout so you could lose weight much easier.

welcome to the segment of the antisocial tomato where readers get to forward their questions and concerns to us and we in turn will have them answered, and that is if we have the answers to them!.

hello Rania, I’m so glad you decided to reach out to me, and I’m also sorry it took me so long to reply your questions, even though we promised to get back to viewers as soon as possible. well now that I think of it, we actually did keep our promise, “to get back to you as soon as possible”!😉. Anyway, as for your questions, I do have had people ask me this questions over and over again, especially when I told them that I keep a 20 hour fast with a 4 hour eating window everyday, well almost everyday. It was one my of my weight loss strategy, as well as one of my weight maintenance strategy. So when it comes to working out on an empty stomach to lose weight, I think its safe to say I’VE GOT EXPERIENCE.

I find the answers to this question simply simple, it’s not a rocket science brainer. Of course you are going to lose weight more if you workout on an empty stomach, well that is if everything else be equal. the problem with most of the answers to this problem by people is that they are not speaking from experience, they haven’t done any study on themselves, let alone others.

everyone does intermittent fasting, during their sleep that is, unless they sleep eat. on average if you had stopped eating by 8 pm, by the time it would be 6 am the following morning they would have done a 10 hour fast. that’s why the first meal of the day is called BREAKFAST, because you are breaking your fast. However when it comes to burning more fat on an empty stomach for faster results, it does have stages, each higher stage you enter, the more potent your fat burning ability becomes until your whole body becomes a fat burning inferno, then plateaus. here are the stages by the hour;

  • 8-12 hours after you have eaten your last meal your body is in a post absorption sate. last meal is still in circulation in the body. Not optimal for fat burning.
  • at 12 hours your body is entering the “fasted state”, you are at the very edge of fast entering the optimal fat burning zone. Human growth hormone (HGH) levels are rising to add in muscle growth. at this stage however, you are not yet really burning fat.
  • at 16 hours your body is in the fasted fat burning zone. high levels of HGH. great time to workout to get lean muscles. you are just at the tip of the fat burning sweet spot.
  • at 18 hours, your body’s ability to burn fat is growing exponentially. you are well into the fasting sweet spot
  • at 20 hours, your body is a fat burning machine and now your HGH levels are skyrocketing and it is a great time to build muscles for body builders.
  • at 24 hours, your body has reached its peak of fat burning and is well passed the fasting sweet spot. then you have reached the pinnacle of fat burning.

during my weight loss journey, 20 hours was the regular fasting time with a four-hour eating window, if I had my last meal today by 6 pm, my next meal will be 2 pm the following day. thereafter I would pick one day during the week to do a water fast for the health benefit, and also to crown the week as the icing on the cake. on my water fast day, I will consume nothing but water through out the day, no coffee, no bone broth, nothing. I plan on uploading a piece on my diet style next week Tuesday, so if you want to know how to do the Halo style diet ( more or less eating style) all you have to do is to log on that day for it will be up by 8:30 pm CAT. I will cover what I eat during the eating window, how to properly break a fast, how to transition and what kind of exercise you should keep during that period of time. usually you are supposed to refrain from anything strenuous. So this is it sister I hope you found it useful in some way, and for the rest of the readers, you can make contributions using our comment section, or forward your request using our Contact page. so till next time, remain fabulous!.