I wish a lot of those fitness experts, especially the females were a little bit more honest about how they got their bodies. with the influx of what the ideal fit and sexy female body should look like, it can be quite daunting to look at other people’s results and compare it to yours after following exactly what they had prescribed but still fall short of your goals. you’d tend to ask yourself if you’re doing it right, if there is something wrong with your body, or if, just maybe, it’s the instructions they’ve given you and the results they’ve promised that’s just not realistic. if the latter is your case, you are not alone.


the past few years I’ve been obsessed with getting the “perfect body”, tried all sort of diet schemes, worked out like crazy, and was still as far from my goals. However these past few months I’ve had more results from my efforts than all my months of going mainstream. Now a little bit more knowledgeable, here are the things I wish I knew when I started my fitness journey.beautiful_black_ladies_that_will_brighten_your_day_640_01

HIP DIPS: a lot of those so-called “fitness experts” especially the females are scammers, I wish they could be a little bit more honest about how the got their bodies. they’d tell you that somehow there was a kind of workout that can give the kind of kim kardashian or Kylie Jenner’s or somewhere close’ body. that you can magically get that round hips by stretching, doing fire hydrants and drinking water!. Everyone has hip dips to some certain extent, it all depends on the bone structure and lean muscle mass can do very little in covering and filling that place over to create that perfect hip image. Hip dips are totally natural and the thinner you are, the more likely your hip dips would be visible. There is only one thing that can fill up your hips to create the kind of image those women project, FAT. There is only two ways to get enough fat to that area to create the perfect effects. One, you’re an endomorph, a fit endomorph. Why?, because these set of people tend to have smaller waist ratios, and fat stores evenly around their body, hence the hour-glass body, hence, no hip dips. Two, if you are no endomorph, you need three things to get results; money, doctor, plastic surgery (fat transfer). There is no other way around this, ask kim.

INNER THIGH AND CALF SLIMMING WORKOUTS: this one kind of pisses me off a bit. I don’t know if it’s the fact that you CAN’T spot reduce fat or the fact that the entire idea behind MOST intense or similar intensity inner thigh and calf workouts makes absolutely NO SENSE! if you do fire hydrants and supposedly increased your hip ratio by increasing muscle mass, why in the 8f85a5d98cad578d34c163fe42e6646bbloody world would working your inner thigh muscles just somehow, somehow, shrink both the fat and the muscle mass around that area?! practically this is the ONLY way to create a gap. Oh and your bone structure, genetics and epigenetics also comes to play. when I lost weight solely by dieting ( if your diet requires you to workout before seeing any kind of weight reduction, your diet doesn’t work), I had more thigh gap than when I started those YouTube inner thigh workouts. By day three I could feel my thighs viciously rubbing off against each other while I walked, where as formerly, they only lightly brushed against each other. This too, also depended on how I walked. ( I didn’t gain any weight during this period, I was still eating the same food I’d been eating, in fact I  had doubled my green leafy veggie intake during that period). when I stood, my upper inner thighs touched and hurt a little because they were sore from the workouts, something that never happened when I did yoga, pillates, or brisk walking.

Knowing these basic truths allowed me rethink my approach to getting a slander but curvy body, although I’m nowhere close to the kim k body or similar body type, and neither do I want to be, it had not only let me work with my body type, but it also revealed how distorted my idea of not only the ideal but also how hour-glass body should actually look like. When I stopped following popular ideas and just worked with my body directly to figured out what works and what doesn’t, backing it up with a little science common sense, I was able to create my own “perfect body”.

no intense workout body results, i would have shared a before photo, but honestly i’m so embarrased by them😌!