【10min】Easy Routine to Reduce Leg Swelling | WORKOUT TO TAKE INCHES off your thighs

one of the major reasons I shy away from leg workouts is the fear of bulking or swelling after a one or two days of intense sessions. for someone who is trying to get that model slender looking legs, it can be quite daunting when the workout routine promising slender legs and a thigh gap does nothing but the polar opposite! my solution often was to stop everything and hope things fall into place. But of course, they never do. For you cannot get toned muscles without working them out! However, I got really lucky lately. I discovered a set of exercise routines that are intense, but surprisingly do not cause swelling at all nor that post-workout sore muscles. This is because the movements and paces at which they are executed were carefully tailored by the trainer not to cause such.

Today’s blog, however, is not about leg workouts, but about what to do to reduce swelling and bulk if you already have one, doing this alone can drastically take off inches away from your thigh and calves!

Today’s tips for reducing swelling, however, was provided by the same YouTube fitness trainer for the leg workout series which I’ll be sharing with you in time to come.

“Why do I trust his instructions well enough to give a try for an extended period of time?”Well, to be honest, it was initially as a result of me thinking that since he is a Japanese fitness trainer in an industry where his clients are mostly east Asian women, and the Asian women from such community prize the image of a slender figure as an ideal to thrive for. all his workouts therefore should be tailored to archive such results or he would have no business or career. And if he has no career he would be a bum living with his parents, and if he lived with his parents, well, no one would care.

I literally just went Sherlock Holmes just now

Anyway, I’m glad I gave it a try. But you should also note that

  • these tips provided will also be effective in reducing the bulk that tends to form on the thighs of those who spend hours sitting on a chair with very little movements made in hours.
  • Sooth the muscles after a good inner thigh work and also open up the hips to help with the gap creation if that’s what your goal is

  • it helps you stick to your program as is without having to skip because you can’t move.
  • And lastly, it also helps with growth, specifically leg growth as it stimulates the muscles around such areas. It is also helpful to note that you can still very much increase your height at any age if you want to and are willing to put in the work and the right mindset. The human body never stops growing. One of the characteristics of a living creature is growth, so whatever stops growing, essentially is dead.

Writing these last few paragraphs, I am immediately compelled to write a follow-up topic on growth and my results of growing even after my “growth years” came to a close.

“So why should I be bothered with all of this?”

Well, the thing about muscles and the body is that it is built to adapt to whatever conditions you subject it to constantly over a period of time.

For lean long legs; Why you will fail to archive your desired results with a constant intense workout, particularly if you are susceptible to bulking is that working those muscles tightens them up and makes it explosive. If you do not relieve them over a period of time whatever size you get as result in will become “permanent”. It will also stop you from growing in general as the muscles tighten and restrict bone elongation. This is one of the reasons gymnasts look like this

Simone biles who is one of the most famous black gymnasts currently is just 4ft’3 which is, quite common in the sport. particularly for power gymnasts.

Kaitlyn Ohashi

Nevertheless, if you are totally not bothered by the size of your thigh and calf and are totally satisfied with your results irrespective of the standards of beauty in your country, then you do you!

But, the fact that you’re reading this blog means you are definitely not satisfied, and that’s okay you are not alone.

One more thing…..


Oh, I love this topic. I get to be the angel of doom😈!

A lot of you may have figured it by now that exercise doesn’t work, at least not in the way we expect it to. It still needs to be backed up by a good balanced diet targeted for specific things and I’m not talking about the calorie in, calorie out shenanigans!

I’ll be acquainting on diet styles that actually work sometime in the future as a support topic to this blog post.

I personally maintain a low carb diet of 30% whole fruits and vegetables, 70% animal-based foods.

I used to keep the carnivore diet which was amazing but I just felt that I needed more spice to my existence. So I added the plants back again. I’ll discuss my diet choices, why I chose it and its results by next week Thursday, in which every week is our site’s health and fitness day.

Last notes

another heads up about the video I’m about to share is although he generally is conversing in Japanese it is still quite easy to understand and follow along. It is best though, that you do this routine after you’ve done your morning workouts and at night before you go to bed to release any built-up tension that had accumulated during the day.

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my results; I had lost a little bit of weight from my diet, as you can see my pants are a bit loose

although I wasn’t planning on sharing this photo initially, it is of poor quality anyway. but it’ll have to do as its the only ‘after’ picture I possess at the moment.



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