A new face in 2 minutes: eliminate hangover looks, puffiness, dull skin, and fine lines

Not everyone wakes up with that radiant glow first thing in the morning every day. Somedays you’d look in the mirror and be like “I could go out like this, no makeup whatsoever, YOLO”, And then there are days even a 50lbs thick layer of makeup would not hide the fact that your countenance looks the walking dead!

There is only so much makeup can do to hide a dull face, at least if your goal is to appear more natural and radiant, rather than having your makeup looking as if you drew a mask on your face.

In other to achieve such a look, however, you want to take the puffiness and dullness that is a result of late-night drinking or snacking out, as they do tend to make you look facially bloated and sickly.


I personally don’t like to eat dinner together. I mostly prefer to eat just breakfast and lunch. In other words, you can say I intermittent fast. I noticed that there is always a huge difference in how my face, belly, and skin looks every time I skip dinner, then when I did not. However, if I must consume something, I go for light foods and I sleep at least 4 hours after my last meal.

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Got a big day tomorrow?

It is important to note that eating high carb food, including alcohol, right before you go to bed, would equally provide you the same results as a late-night partying would.

in order for you to always have your ‘A’ game on, you need to place extra attention on how you end your day. closing one chapter on a good note would help you begin a new one well. However, since you’d never know who’s watching you, to move ahead in life you have to be seen putting your best foot forward always, especially in public.


Nevertheless, there are days in which you just cannot control the outcome. An unexpected visit which leads to late-night feasting, staying up deep into the night to meet up with a schedule at work or school, or just having shots with friends to celebrate life or a blissful event.

you don’t have to be the party pooper.


In today’s post I will acquaint you with how you can regain your glow by the following morning after all the bustling is over.


Here celebrity facialist, Su Man, teaches women how they can regain their skin vibrancy in just two minutes!

I have also noticed that the benefits of this facial routine goes well beyond a quick fix for a dull face. it employs lymphatic massage techniques that will not only drain out toxins from your face which in turn helps in reducing puffiness and the overall size of your face, defining your jawline and cheekbones in the process, but it serves as a great tool to incorporate into your anti-aging strategy!


If you are going to be incorporating this into your long term skin care routine, you also have to do yourself a favour and cut out the sugar as it is one of the most aging, skin wrecking substances out there, especially for women!

Apply sunscreen irrespective of your skin shade; deep mahogany to fair skinned, as this helps tremendously in reducing cellular damage. It is the best and most effective anti aging cosmetic you could possibly buy!

you would also need a good moisturizer, retinol creams and/or other topically applied vitamins and an exfoliator.

staying active will also help a ton when it comes to general body detoxing as it will give your skin that healthy glow in the process

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Lastly, this is quite a common advice, eat your veggies. uncommon advice? and fats!

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