90% of people do it wrong; How to apply topical vitamins to your skin

We’ve all heard about the grand miracles of topically applied vitamins to the skin. Suddenly, it’s the “In thing”, the ” holy grail” cosmetic product when it comes to having beautiful, radiant skin. Everyone’s gotten on the bandwagon, and I’m sure not left out!

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Sometimes I guess why topical vitamins are so effective is because applying to any region of the skin isolates the nutrients to just that particular area, it is not shared by the entire body through digestion as it would have been if it had been swallowed. Essentially, everything goes to one concentrated area.

However, with the whole frenzy going around, I have noticed something quite alarming. With the variety of options accessible when it comes to choosing which topical vitamin to use; cream, serums, or lotions. most people pretty much slather it all on the same way to their skin, which is wrong.

Applying Topical vitamin C

different forms require different modes of application and in different steps if they are being mixed with other cosmetic products especially when you want to reap the full benefits of it all.

But there is one critical rule remember when using comes to using any form of topical vitamins, and that is, all vitamins should be applied AT NIGHT!


When using vitamins as part of your skincare routine to reverse sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and the aging process, it is important to keep mind these tips when next you choose to buy vitamins or apply it to your skin.

VITAMINS ARE BEST APPLIED AT NIGHT: this largely is because you want to allow your vitamins the time to do its job properly. They act as repair tools against oxidative stress and the harmful effects of U.V rays on the skin. Furthermore, having it on during the day is pretty much useless as the sun diminishes its effectiveness through oxidation.

DIFFERENT FORMS ARE TO BE APPLIED AT DIFFERENT TIMES: this means that if you have a serum version of a Vitamin, clearly it should be applied first right after you’ve washed your skin. Cream versions can be applied secondly. With this in mind, it is possible to combine more than one type of vitamin on your skin. For example, combining vitamin E and C in one beauty routine.

THE TYPE OF BOTTLE USED TO PACKAGE THE VITAMIN IS ALSO IMPORTANT: when getting vitamins, especially vitamin c, it is best to get one which has a U.V resistant bottle. If it comes with a pump, make sure it is secured tightly to prevent oxidation. Likewise, after using it, be sure to seal it back up properly.

Each type of vitamin does serve different purposes. The most popular being vitamins A, E, and C. Vitamin A often in the form of retinol, has as an Anti-aging benefit And therefore, should be considered the basis of Every anti-aging cosmetic collection. vitamin c is popularly known to reverse skin damage caused by the sun, it also has a skin lightening effect and is one of the safest means to lighten up the skin. For vitamin E, I say it goes hand in hand with vitamin C even topically. Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant and also helps in increasing the potency of vitamin C and A.

To learn more about topical vitamin application, watch the YouTube video below.

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