How to get softer, pinker lips in a minute

The lips are the second most noticeable features of our face after our nose. One of the most annoying aspects of this season is dry lips, fulfilled by dark cracked skin on the outer layers of lips. Slathering on some lips balm right on those dry lips hardly does much, especially in my case!

How to get pink lips overnight

One of the primary reason why just rubbing on a lip balm on a dry lips never makes a difference is because those lip balms are primarily often made up of oils. What a dry skin needs is moisture.

for a cosmetic product to qualify as a good moisturizer the largest ingredient has to be water, that is, the first ingredient mention on the product’s ingredient list has to be water. water is a moisturizing agent, while oil is a sealing agent.

Rubbing oil base balms (which is all too common in the market) on a dry lips does nothing but just seals in the dryness!

How to make dark lips pink

To get rid of dark lips, you generally need to get rid of the dried dead skin sitting on the surface of your lips. Usually, the skin underneath is softer, plumper and pinker since it’s still ‘young’.

I’ll be sharing with you today a little trick I discovered for getting a better-looking lips during this harsh season, I tried it and well I got this after my first try

I made a homemade scrub and a lips mask to create this result. The scrub gets rid of the dead skin at the surface, while the lip mask promotes a pinker lip hue.


For the scrub:

  • Brown sugar
  • Honey

For the mask

  • Beetroot juice
  • Shea butter

How to

Soften the skin on the lip by either licking on your lips till the dry skin is soft or you use a wet towel to rub the lips till it becomes soft.

( you do not want to directly apply the scrub to your dry lips as this may cause bleeding, trust me I know from experience!)

Mix both honey and sugar to form a thick yet rough consistency, then use that to scrub the dead skin off your lips.

When you’re done wash off the residue from your lips with water.

Cut a piece of beetroot and then rub the juice on your lips while it still damp. after that, you may apply Shea butter as a sealing agent to your lips to prevent it from drying out again.

So that’s it guys, your pinker, softer lips under one minute. If you have any DIY hacks for treating dry, dark lips share it in the comment section below. Till next time

How to have pink lips

Footnote hacks


Use a sunscreen:

Remember, furthermore, that the sun also fries the lips, any time of the year. so when you’re using any lip product make sure it comes with sunscreen. Sun damage can cause dryness or scaliness the same way it does to the rest of the skin on your body. in the simplest form, it can harm the lower lips, which takes the most brunt of the ultraviolet rays.

Wear lipstick 💄

A creamy lipstick would help soothe lips that are already chapped. In fact, wearing lipstick gives you extra protection from the sun in the first place. Lipstick is opaque, it filters out all light, including harmful visible light. Some dermatologist believes that one of the reasons women seldom get lip cancer is because they wear lipstick.

How to have pink lips in a week

Check for vitamin deficiency

nutritional deficiency such as B complex vitamins and iron can play a part in scaling of lips. to make sure you are OK in that front, take a multivitamin supplement.

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