Transitioning from pig dirty to clean….ish

Growing up, I’ve never felt the need to actually take care of either myself or my surroundings. my mum would constantly stress the importance of both my appearance and my living as most people would rather just judge you under three seconds based on their preconceived notions or expectations, rather than getting to know you and then drawing conclusions. but yet again show me a teenager who actually pays attention to their nagging mums and I’ll show you a rear phenomenon!

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Me being dirty and in need of serious grooming was not just that I loved the way I was and looked, or that I was allergic to clean, but it was mostly because I was depressed and I hated myself. Believe me, it’s kind of hard to take care of something you hate.

Depression and poor grooming

Slowly, as I got over my self-hate and depression, I started trying to not just look after myself but also my living space, I started to care more, this was largely as a result of me finally going to college after spending two years at home in a constant struggle with my parents on matters concerning my education after graduating from high school.

Being in society forces you to rethink behaviors one would have ignored if they were isolated, all by themselves. When you have to attend lectures looking like you woke up on the wrong side of the planet while other girls look like they’ve had their makeover done by an angel, and the contract between your part of the room to that of your roommate is so clear, you really start to wonder if there something is wrong with you


All of a sudden, mums words start to sound smart.

I just finished my freshman year in college two months ago, and I’ll be turning 20 this December, I am really excited. I am finally accepting the fact that I am no longer a child, and I need to grow up.

Independent youth life and living

Leaving the house and venturing into this new terrain is both exhilarating and daunting. I am faced with things that I had never really placed much value on and suddenly my image and the message I pass out to the world is starting to count more to me.

Girl journaling in park

Part of my glow up step is to accept my femininity and all that comes with it and to stop being in denial, as I cannot truly grow and make substantial progress if I deny any part of me, even if I do not particularly fancy it. There is no shame but power in this.

Girl doing her pedicure

I started picking interest in knowing how to prepare a decent meal and clean up the kitchen or cooking area after I’m done. Don’t get me wrong, I am not doing this because I want to be the classic housewife, but because this is a survival skill, my very health and the quality of my being depends on this.

Learning how to Preparing healthy meals

Though I have never been the fittest person around, and neither do I have my health in check. Nevertheless, I started searching for the answer to this too, I started searching for the best fitness option for me as exercise is supposed to make you healthier, not sicker. And I have to say, I’m starting to get a hang of it.

Exercise to improve mood and health

I’ve been trying to think long term and get committed in ways in which I could serve the world my gifts, although I am not for sure certain on the career part I should take, I am more than willing to find out where I’m meant to serve in.

Finding interests and callings

I started blogging as a way of sharing my life experiences, hopes and aspirations, interests and what I’ve learnt.

I also started taking my dental hygiene seriously too to😅

Night time hygiene and self care

While there’s still a heck a lot of work to be done, I am excited about the process, though it can be a bit frustrating if progress does not happen as fast as I’d like it to. But yet again, another thing about excellent living is learning how to trust the process and let time bring along with it all Its good tidings.

Dancing to celebrate life and accomplishments

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