How to stop harmattan induced dandruff

The bloody dry cold season is back again, and as much as I love December and Christmas 🎄 and my birthday which is only four days to Christmas, I hate what the season does to my poor hair and scalp. Constantly hitting and scratching my hair, believe me it’s no elegant sight!

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Today I’m going to be sharing 3 ways in which you can relieve, and possibly rid yourself of those heinous dry flaky skin.

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shampoo often

Wash your hair often, everyday if necessary. Practically the more frequently you shampoo, the more easier it will be to control the dandruff. Often a mild, nonmedicated shampoo is enough to do the trick. Dandruffs contrary to what you might think is caused by overly oily scalp. Shampooing with a mild shampoo diluted with equal amount if water will work wonders in controlling oil production without irritating your scalp.

If regular shampoo isn’t getting the job done then switching over to anti-dandruff formulas would do. Anti-dandruff shampoo is classified by their active ingredients which work in different ways. Those with selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione works fastest, regarding the rate at which scalp cells multiply. Those with salicylic acid and sulfur loosens flakes so they can be washed away easily. Those with anti-bacteria cut down bacteria on the scalp and reduces the chances of infections. Those with tar, however, inhibit cell growth.

lather twice

Always wash your hair twice with a antidandruff shampoo. Work up the first round of lather as soon as you step into the shower so the shampoo will have sufficient time to work, leave it until you are about to finish your shower then rinse your hair very thoroughly. Follow this with a quick second wash and then rinse. The second rinse will leave just a bit of the medication on your scalp so it can work till your next wash day.

Another approach to increasing the effectiveness of your anti dandruff shampoo if you are not a fan of double washing is to place a shower cap over your hair after you have lather up the first time, leave it for an hour the rinse as usual.

If you have found a brand of shampoo that works well for you keep using and don’t turn into a product junkie. However, Be aware that your skin can adapt to Shampoo’s ingredients, so you’d be wise to switch things up every few months to maintain it’s effectiveness.

When shampooing gently massage your scalp with your finger tips or a scalp massager, as this helps loosen scales and flakes. However, do not scratch your scalp! It will only worsen things up.

Use thyme

Thyme is known to have mild antiseptic properties that can help alleviate Dandruff. to make an effective rinse, boil two tablespoons of dried thyme in two cups of water for ten minutes. strain the brew and allow it to cool, pour half the mixture over clean damp hair, making sure the liquid covers the scalp. massage gently, but do not rinse afterward, store the remainder in the refrigerator for later use.

Get some sunshine

A little sun exposure is good for dandruff, that’s because direct ultraviolet light has anti-inflammatory effects on scaly skin conditions. This may be the reason why dandruff tends to be less severe during summer. But please do not go overboard with this and fry your skin through sunbathing. Limit sun exposure to 30 minutes or less per day if possible, and wear your normal sunscreen on areas which are most exposed to the sun. You have to balance the sun’s benefits to your scalp against the harmful effects of it on your skin in general.

The effects of sun on the body and hair

Nevertheless, don’t overlook the effects your emotions play in triggering or worsening skin conditions such as dandruff and it we forms if dermatitis. These conditions are often made worse by stress, so if your emotions are over taxed, look for ways to counteract the stress.

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