I love home décor, house plans, and architecture. I would often spend hours scrolling and saving home décor photos from platforms like Pinterest and Home. At a certain point, I started to wonder if I should pick a hobby or even a career in home design and décor.

Ideal bedrooms for 19-year-old

As a teenager I do spend a heck a lot of time daydreaming and staring at house plans, I spend more time doing this than even on social media chatting with my “friends”, maybe I’m getting old but social media feels distant, cold and boring.

Sue me if I don’t have much of an active social life.

My day pretty much consist of blogging, as I upload posts every single day, reading a book or making research online, then maybe some dancing, singing, or some exercise.

In house Hobbies for teens

In essence, I spend 70% of my free time in my bedroom. Because of this, the bedroom is one of the most important places in a home for me.

So what does my ideal bedroom look like anyway?

Well, for overall style, I like it elegant (a bit on the Victorian side maybe), dreamy, a little bit on the Japanese kawaii side and some deep-sea magic.


I love my bed thick and comfy, a lot of cute throw pillows and an extra-large comforter. I love a foot chair or chest and most importantly a fur rug which is a must-have!

Lighting also plays a major factor, as much as I love tons of sunlight coming into my room during the day, hence the need for large French Windows. At night, I prefer my lighting soft and elegant.

Elegant bedroom decor for teens

Vanity mirror

the bigger, the better!

Because I love a lot of space, having a wide working table is essential. the storage compartment is also important as I tend to be not just a product junkie, but I also like the idea of having a place for everything. there shouldn’t be too many products or things cluttering the table either. Additionally, I should be able to see my face from all angles. lighting also plays a major factor too.

Victorian-Kawaii vanity mirror


Intricate, aesthetic and Kawaii (pronounce KUH-WA-YII) which is Japanese for cute.

Kawaii accessories for teens

Most people would be expecting from where I’m from that a girl of almost 20 to at least begin to outgrow taste like this, but I have to say in my defense quoting the words of the Canadian psychologist and philosopher Jordan Peterson, that what interest you naturally have very little to do with conscious efforts, this means, that you have very little to no control of what you find naturally pleasing or interesting.

Victorian snow globe

If I should have teawares, I would go for something like this,

Elegant Pink and white teaware

I would also love to have cute paintings or photographs hung on the wall, throw in some teddy bears and we’ve got ourselves a seen.

Japanese Kawaii inspired room decor


Walk-in it is!

I love space, a lot of it, so my closet won’t be any different. I love to have a place for everything, so my wardrobe has to be large enough to accommodate this necessity.

Walk-in closet decor for teens

I would also love to have lace lingeries, they scream nothing but class and elegance for me.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but anytime I’m wearing something really cute and sexy underneath my clothes, I just get this “out of this world” confidence boost, it’s intoxicating.

Elegant lace lingerie for teens


Bathtub anyone?
I want it enormous yet sleek. when I saw the photo of this bathtub I was immediately fixated, my imagination ran wild, imagining myself coming back home after a stressful day and letting myself be warmly wrapped around by a chocolate-vanilla scented bubble bath!

Where’s the glass of red wine?!

Emerald super-sized bathtub

I love the feeling I get when there’s a bit of marine decor to the theme. Somehow it reminds me of Ariel from Disney’s’ little mermaid.

Though this is a bit extravagant for me, it does give out that blue sea vibe.

Marine inspired shower decor

Who said a bit of flamboyance can’t be added to this bad chap.
When I saw this, I immediately went, “ooh, I want that too!” Butterfly customized toilet seat

You can never have enough of the ocean. Even if I can’t have the flamboyant toilet seat, this my comrades is a must! The gold Phoenix looking faucet gave it a whole new level of wow.Customized pink clamp shell washbasin

So this it folks, a little trip into my fantasies.

I hope you liked reading about it, for I sure as hell loved writing about this. Share in the comments section below what your dream bedroom looks like and let’s keep the conversation going.

For I am getting tempted into publishing more posts like this in the future!

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