Fun fact: do you know you cannot feel if your palms are soft or not? you can feel the skin at the top of your hands and also on someone else’s palm, but not yours. Try it!

Lately, I watched a couple of tiktok China videos and I came across this one female tiktoker, I think she is a hand model, but her hands made me for the first time in my life conscious of mine. I want them baby hands!

The hands are the most used parts of our body, and just like the facial skin, the skin on our hands is subject to damage quite the same.

We use our hands for pretty much everything we do, and with the current season, chapped hands are all too much of a common phenomenon for us. But do we really have to be subject to that?

I did some digging, snooped on some top hand models worldwide to find out the secrets to their angelic looking hands, and I have to say, I did stumble across some jackpots.

Making beautiful hands is more than just applying a couple of hand creams and voila! It is every bit of a daily ritual and being savvy about your lifestyle choices too.

Picking the right cosmetic products, knowing how to pair, and when to stop using a certain product when your hands have gotten so used to it that it becomes ineffective is also a must.

From the combined knowledge of top hand models all over the world, some dermatologist tips, and my own experiences, here are the top pick on

How to get baby hands!

Where did those scrub brushes come from? No, not the one in your hands; the ones that are your hands!

how did you get into this mess? well, while the low humidity of fall and winter dries and irritates the skin, as you age, your body just naturally produces less oil that helps keep the skin smooth and supple. however, we’ve all heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, and so in this case, it is not any different.

To get baby hands, you would need to…..

Stay out of water

The basic plan for getting baby hands is to stay out of the water by all cost, consider water to be just like acid to your hands because it is the worst influences on dry, chapped and wrinkly hands! Repeated washing removes the skin natural oil layer which allows for the moisture within the skin to evaporate and that is extremely drying.

Hot water too is not an exception either. A great rule of thumb is to stay clear of detergents and other strong household solvents. most soaps are terribly harsh or alkaline, you are better off with a mild soap, and maybe with a little cold cream in it.

But of course, since we still have to do things like washing the dishes, the only solution then is to

  • Get a dishwasher
  • Get someone else to do the dishes for you
  • Invest in a long handed dish brush
  • or simply use a glove

Protect your hands every time you leave the House

While you should never leave the house during the cold season without wearing gloves,

You still need to protect your hands from the sun, because just like the sun to the face, the sun is the single most drying and aging factor in the world to your hands. However, if you are not ready to give up the sun just yet, a good moisturizer, and sunscreen should be your best friends.

A moisturizing sunscreen, however, could be budget and storage-friendly, however, stay away from gel and alcohol base sunscreen, as they are quite drying.

More tips on using gloves 🧤

  • For wet works, if you are not already suffering from chapped hand, using normal leather or rubber gloves would do just fine. However, if you have chapped hands, only use cotton gloves, vinyl ones of course. If the cotton gloves get wet, change them immediately. ideally, you should switch gloves after every 20 minutes perspiration.
  • One of the biggest mistakes women make when they have hand problems is wearing rubber gloves. That only makes the hands worse, as the rubber traps in moisture, keeping the skin from breathing, thereby causing too much friction.

For a little bit of hand spa to get softer hands, you could try using my oatmeal hand mask two to three times a week if you really need fast results, then once a week for maintenance.


You have to be careful of what you touch during the day, as they contribute to the look and feel of your hands.

When you wake up in the morning, you would want to grab first thing a rubber glove before touching anything as your hands would often tend to be at its driest and most vulnerable.

Fashion designers are not known to have nice hands, and this is because touching fabrics and papers all-day can strip your hands off its valuable moisture and oil. Wear leather or rubber gloves when doing such activities, especially when you need that extra grip.

When cooking, the acids from raw meat, citrus fruits and even foods like carrots, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes can be rather toxic to the skin. So you either hire a cook to do your meals or wear plastic gloves while cooking.

never, ever, squeeze acidic fruits like oranges, lemons, and, grapefruit with your bare hands as it can be extremely drying and irritating to the hands.

So this is it folks, making baby hands may require a heck of a lot of commitment, but the results can be worth it, it all depends on your priorities. Stay luxurious!

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