Review: Disney princess hair and face mask collection, is it worth the hassle?

It’s no new news that I make a heck of a lot of my discoveries from Pinterest, but likewise millions of other people.

Scrolling through my feed a while back and I came across a pin containing an image of the Disney Princess Belle from the beauty and the Beast.

Disney Princess Belle hair mask review

It was a hair mask, and I was astounded because I really did not know Disney had decided to branch into that category of cosmetic products.

Disney Princess face mask collection review

Being a hardcore Disney junkie once, I was inevitably tempted to give the products a try.

Did I regret it? Well……

The only thing I’d say is that, if you are looking for something good enough to give either your hair, facial skin, and foot a really good repair and pampering, this is sure as hell, not the products you should be looking at.

Disney Princess exfoliating foot mask review

After using the “exfoliating” feet mask, I saw no difference whatsoever in the before and after.

Is this product line completely useless?

No, not entirely, while it may be useless for an adult skincare routine, for kids? Not so much.

How to use Disney skincare collection

The skin of most kids do not need a lot of pampering to maintain a radiant look, a good bath wash, bath oil, some moisturizing and sealing lotion, sunscreen, and a good diet is often more than enough.

You could see this product as more of a treat to youngsters who just want a piece of the adult life, or who is just an avid Disney princess fan, it smells amazing.

Using Disney face mask for kids
This cost $3.99

Spending money on this rather than the pricey real deals on the skin of someone whose skin does not really need all that “stuff” is a save on valuable greens.

This would also make an excellent party souvenir or gift basket treat during a spa sleepover party. You can also gift a kid this as the package design is cute AF. that was one of the reasons I had bought it in the first place!

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