making sense of glutathion- how to get lighter skin naturally

Glutathione has been known as the mother of all antioxidants which radically reduces oxidative stress by combating free radicals,

however, getting rid of free radicals isn’t the only thing glutathione is capable of doing. now it is a well-known fact that glutathione is currently seen as the next big thing when it comes to naturally lightening the skin as glutathione tend to inhibit the tyrosinase function which is responsible for producing melanin, therefore giving your skin color.

I personally believe in the effectiveness glutathione as a safer alternative especially with the rate of harmful chemicals being used in our everyday skin lightning or even bleaching creams. Leaning back to this natural wonder only seems like the logical thing to do, right?.

In this blog, we are going to look at how glutathione lightens the skin and how you can enhance its effects for maximum results.

Now three forms in which you could use glutathione;

in cosmetic form, that is, in your body lotions, creams or soaps.

in a supplements form

and as injectable, that is I.V

I’m going to be focusing primarily on the supplements and injectable versions today though.


Although this medium is not as effective as using the I.V glutathione injections primarily because it can be easily digested in the gut before it gets the chance to hit the bloodstream. However, due to modern technological intervention, a little thing called liposome glutathione has been invented. the liposomes are used as a coating for the glutathione pills which prevents it from being digested as it acts as a masquerade, that is, like a cell in the body, this, therefore, tricks the digestive tract into not digesting it as food.

when it comes to taking glutathione pills for skin lightening, it can get a little bit tricky trying to find the right dosage that’ll work best for you. However, good news is that to find your right amount of dosages for maximum effect, all you need to do is multiply your body weight by 20 to 40 milligrams per kg. Why your weight should be in kg is because it’s easier to calculate and come up with an accurate figure. if you measure your weight in pounds all you need to do is to convert your body weight online using google. 20 milligrams is the least amount of glutathione you should be taking, while 40 milligrams is the max.

If for example, you weigh 54kg, this will then be calculated as 54kg × 20ml = 1,080ml, however, I’m going to round it up to 1,100ml because it’s easier that way. so the least amount you should be taking is 1,100ml, while the most should be 2,200ml round-off, for a 54kg.


this is said to be the most effective form of taking glutathione since it goes directly to your bloodstream and cells, therefore making results quicker. However there has been the incidence of people being given fake glutathione injections which caused them serious health issues,

buying these injections yourself online or in stores can be very risky, as there is a high chance of it being adulterated with other substances. The best place to get a shot is at a certified clinic or a licensed medical spa with certified aestheticians or nurses who specializes in I.V treatments. Having the treatment done by untrained personal could lead to patients being infected or having glutathione being injected along with air leading to a potentially fatal embolism, in other words, your heart could stop.


Glutathione is degradable, meaning that even after you’ve gotten your desired skin tone if you do not manage it well, you’ll be back to where you started.

Also, note that this inevitable reverse is also the same with any form of skin lightening, brightening or whitening. You can not get a permanent result even if you are fair skin. One of the major factor responsible for this is the sun. Your body, therefore, produces more melanin as a defense mechanism against sun damage. This is why the areas most exposed to the sun tend to be darker than the rest of the body which was not.

But how do you manage a result?

you primarily need to stay away from things that will deplete your glutathione levels, like the harmful U.V rays from the sun, chemicals, likewise found in cigarettes,

poor diet and so on. I’ll discuss this in another post. Nevertheless, the things you need to focus on to make sure your glutathione levels stay up and results stay “permanent” is as follows


one of the major vitamins you need to be paying attention to is vitamin C, which not only acts as a powerful antioxidant but is also capable of recycling glutathione in the body. Experts recommend you take either the same milligrams of vitamin C as you would glutathione or double the dosage of. You have to check and see which one works for you.

Other supplements which boost glutathione levels include; N-acetylcysteine, selenium, and vitamin E. However, some of these supplements like selenium might need a doctor’s recommendation.


Unprocessed meat, garlic, broccoli, asparagus, avocado, and spinach tend to have ha higher concentration of glutathione.


Be sure to wear sunscreen every time, all the time, because the sun is one of the primary reasons for a darker skin tone. you can also try to maintain with a skin lightening lotion, all-natural of course. However, if you are trying to maintain with glutathione supplements because of its additional antioxidant benefits, using a maintenance dosage of 500ml would do just fine.

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For a detailed video on glutathione, especially if are considering going it, watch this video first

so that’s it, have a nice day or night, whichever one.

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