Skincare for people in their 20s: No B.S

First of all, I just want to welcome all my Ant readers to 2020!

This is officially the first post for the year 2020, I thought that as the year begins anew, it will be wise to start it off with a down to earth approach to skincare and beauty, leaving my consumer junkie self in last year and decade, where it belongs.

The consumer culture becomes more and more pervasive as the years rolls by. This reality didn’t really hit me until I went for my new year/ first quarter cosmetic shopping.

I often like to buy my cosmetics all at once, enough to last at least three months, I realized it not only saves me time but also money and necessary impulse spending.


When I went to the supermarket cosmetic section, I was totally astonished by the plethora of new products on the shelf, a lot of them promising, with sleek package design, and a scent sweet enough to cripple you.

But do you know the good thing about being broke, and not being able to afford every whim at a go?

It brings you down to earth, makes you conscious of your decisions, and gives you enough distance-time while you’re trying to raise cash, enough time for the frenzy you feel about the new product to wear off, giving you enough rationale to decide for yourself if you really need what you want.

In this new day and age, it’s kind of hard to trust manufacturers, influencers, and “skincare professionals”. Since one of the most primary motivations for people to do things is survival, one can not help but be suspicious of the reasons someone preaches or presents us something. Is it more of them trying to get more cash to survive and keep the lifestyle, or are they are genuinely interested in the publics’ benefit.

One of my new year’s resolution is to cut out the noises, the unnecessary add ons. To be wiser with my spending and also what I put in and on my body, I only have one anyway!

Since I turned 20 last year’s December, I’ve kind of gotten a bit more concerned about my body, as the quality of my 20s will greatly influence subsequent decades to come in my life

I’ve noticed how fast people are aging these days, cosmetically and physiologically. teenagers no longer look like teenagers, they all look like people in their 20s! and I’m not just talking about the way they dress.

I saw a woman on YouTube being praised for the way she looked at forty-five, but that’s how a forty-five years old woman is supposed to look like. a lot of people currently overlook an epidemic at hand; the modern human body is degenerating at a much rapid rate compared to our ancestors.

Skincare by the decades

Each year of our lives requires different approaches to care and maintenance. Some products are absolutely necessary, while others are honestly just noises.

You can see it as tools necessary for each milestone or decade of your life. You want to travel to each decade as light as possible, only taking what’s necessary, being disciplined enough to not fall into the trap of consumerism. You have to learn to look after your needs.

Skincare for the 20s

Skincare for young women
I’m the girl in the photo in case you didn’t know 😎

In your teens, the primary skincare needs are moisturizer, sunscreens, light exfoliation once a week or so, and acne creams. That’s practically it.

But of course, with environmental damage ever so potent, that may not be enough for most people, diet, and supplements should be your holy grail. Never take vitamin B12 nonchalantly if you suffer from acne, your skin will thank you.

Skincare for teens
I was wearing 0% makeup in this photo. Oh, and that’s my brother!

When you’re in your twenties, you would have to take it up a notch, you’re done developing at this time, so your body’s turn over rate slows down. This can be the breeding ground for all sorts of future menace.

Holy Grail skincare products for your 20s

This is the time to not mess with your moisturizers, dry skin should be something you fight against daily.

Dry skin equals wrinkles, flaky skin, clogged pores, and the need for more unnecessary makeup which I’ll get to in a minute.

A mild daily exfoliator with a good concentration of BHAs will really help with the appearance of post-acne scars from your teenage years while helping you maintain flawless skin!

Retinol, please do not ignore the retinol creams, these are one of the very few products that are actually proven to work, especially for anti-aging which should be something you should start to take seriously at this stage in your life, “prevention is better than cure” they tell.

Anti-aging for 20 years old

Sunscreen, this should be something, you should hold right next to your heart. Never leave the house even for a second without one, and if you live in a house where there is more than adequate amount of direct sunlight coming in during the day, wear sunscreen at home too. Don’t even think about tanning!

using a lip balm with an SPF should also be paramount.

About makeup

Personally in my take, I personally do not think women in their twenties need much makeup at all, especially makeup products like primers and foundations.

Makeup and the skin

I know this is sorta off mainstream, but the rate at which people use makeup currently is kinda cringy. Especially with the Instagram/drag queen inspired makeup trend which is just tacky on multiple levels.

It’s perfectly fine if you go for such a look at special appropriate occasions, but having that be your look day in day out, every day is just a No for me.

In my take, if you properly take care of your skin, 40% or more of the makeup products you use will be absolutely useless.

At the moment, I no longer use foundation makeup or primers anymore,

I only use BB or CC creams in place of foundation, some concealers where necessary, and some setting powder. Bronzers are on occasion.

Cutting down to just these few have greatly improved the quality of my skin.

I plan on dedicating an entirely new blog post on my skincare products and routine, as well as my makeup products in the future.

If you focus on care and maintenance at the foundation stages of your life, you will more than reap the benefits of it in the future.

Skincare for 20 years old


My best take on supplements is vitamin C, E, and A.

You should also remember the power of biotin to your skin and hair, collagen from bone broth should be your new coffee.

Diet, diet, diet! You should take care of yourself like a kid you are responsible for, you wouldn’t hand a kid beer and cigarettes for a snack, neither are you supposed to feed it burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

As the year begins, make a resolution to be more responsible for yourself.

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