Ninokuni: the next binge-worthy anime series?

Maybe I’m too old but I just recently started watching Netflix, I’ve been seeing ads on YouTube for it, been hearing people talk about the series or movies they’ve been watching on that platform too, but I didn’t bother checking it out till last year’s December.

I’ve been contemplating adding to my lifestyle blog entertainment talks, especially about movies and series for a long time now, so today I decided “what the hell, I’m just going to go for it”, and I did.

This blog post officially would mark the antisocial tomato’s debut into the entertainment news world.

After seeing the trailer for this series on Netflix today, I knew just have to talk about it!

The storyline had me hooked almost immediately.

The Nino Kuni storyline

Two average teen goes on a magical quest to save their friend and her counterpart from another world, but love complicates their journey…..

High school students; Yu, Haru, and, Kotana have been friends for almost all their lives, they were the best of friends, rather inseparable.

From the right; kotana(girl), Yu and Haru(boys)

One day, a child falls unconscious on a busy road, and Kotana rushes to the rescue to get the child’s body off the before it gets crushed, but unbeknownst to Kotana, there was a truck heading her way already,

Moments from being crushed along with the child, Haru rushes over to get them out of the way. Yu, who was subjected to the wheelchair quickly follows along trying to catch up with Haru who was presumably rushing to his death.

Yu manage to pull Haru out of the way, but Kotana?

All goes blank.

The story flips over to Yu and Haru being transported to another world; Nino Kuni.

A totally different dimension, with strange beasts, a world of magic, and surreal. But this new world holds an unexpected secret.

In this new world, lives are perpetually linked to one another, lives intertwined by fate.

There they find someone who seemed to be Kotana lying in comatose, with a magical life-draining dagger stuck to her

Nonetheless, in this world, Kotana, isn’t Kotana, but princess Astrid.

To save a dying girls’ life in one world means her double in another world will pay the price by having her life being taken in place of the other whose life had been spared.

Princess Astrids’ fate had been sealed the night Haru saved Kotana from being crushed by the truck!

The storyline takes a complicated twist when Yu falls in love with princess Astrid, but if he should save her, what about his long-time friend Kotana?

Nevertheless, even if he should choose Astrid over Kotana, Haru would never allow it as he had been in love with Kotana for a very long time.

It then becomes a battle between old-time friends as they fight to take down the other in order for their love to be spared!

Why can only person be saved?

Does this mean the end of their friendship?

well, we’ll never find out until the series starts to air, with its premier airing on the 16th of January on Netflix!

Click to watch the Thriller on Netflix, and keep a reminder for the premier.

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