Post-holiday weight loss: Losing 10lbs in 10 days!

It’s the 3rd of January 2020 and the festive seasons are coming to a close, the holidays are over and when we are left to return to our normal lives; back to school or work!

However, some of us would not be returning back to the same size.

During my preteen to teenage years, I had been an ectomorph. All was good, I was hyperactive, I could eat whatever the hell I wanted, anytime, at the most ungodly hour and still remain a broomstick. (pun intended)

But as I gradually proceeded to my late teens, things began to change.

Last year’s summer holiday was when reality struck me hard concerning my body type and what I absolutely could not get away with any longer.

I struggled a bit to lose the weight I had put on during the break mostly because I was totally unfamiliar with the new body type (mesomorph), it was then also that I discovered for the first how faulty and unsustainable a lot of those diet trends are.

Snake juice

This holiday I promised myself that I won’t let myself go completely with food. I would practice a bit more self-control, not too much though cause I still needed to enjoy the goodies of the season, nevertheless, I’d be sure not to blow off my weight loss and diet completely.

Today’s post is more of a post-holiday purge for all the junk foods, water weight, and, fat we may have accumulated during those past few days.

Lose 10lbs

I’ve been planning on creating a January/first quarter challenge for the community, the challenge options would be between a health and fitness challenge, beauty and skincare challenge, or a lifestyle challenge. I am going to let the community decide what happens. let me know your suggestions in the comments section below


Just a quick disclaimer though; everyone may respond differently to this diet and fitness program, some may lose more, some may lose less, it all depends on your body type. However, if you suffer from any health issues, please consult your doctor.

A lot of you might have heard of intermittent fasting, the low carb diet or even keto, as these are one of the very few diets that have actually proven to work and whose results are sustainable.

Intermittent fasting

This diet though is a combination of the low carb diet, and, intermittent fasting.

Low carb diets have been proven to be a diuretic, that is it helps get rid of excess water weight, it also helps stabilize your insulin levels, keeping it on the low, which helps you tap more into your body’s fat storage.

Intermittent fasting, however, helps maximize fat burning, detoxification, and overall cellular turnover. This happens by constricting your eating window. The tighter it is, the more benefits you get, the faster the process of weight loss.

How to lose 10lbs in 10 days

The snake diet

The snake diet was made popular Canadian YouTube “mad man”/ weight loss instructor Cole Robinson.

Just a quick heads up;

if you are the kind of person who gets triggered easily and cannot stand being cursed at, yelled at, or insulted. especially when it gets to issues concerning your weight, please do not go looking up his channel on YouTube.


The snake diet is inspired by well, a snakes’ eating habits.

Which is a form of an extended fast, you eat one full meal till your comfortably full, then you go on a couple of days without earing any food other than the snake juice which is just

  • Apple Cider vinegar with the mother (2 tbs)
  • cayenne pepper (a dash)
  • lemon juice (one moderate-sized lemon)
  • water (1 liter)
  • and sea salt, preferably Himalayan pink salt (1tbs)

However, this is an extreme protocol for very obese people.

The protocol I’ll be sharing is a watered-down version of this, which I’ll get in to immediately since I’ve been talking a lot.

Rapid weight loss program

How to lose 10lbs in 10 days

  • You want to start by picking the most comfortable time where you can start or break your fast, decide when will be your feeding window and when will be your fasting window. (I chose morning to be mine when I eat, right after my days’ workout session)
  • get your snake juice ready which is the combination of the ingredients I had shared earlier. You would be drinking this through your fasted state.
  • for your meals, you would want to keep it low carb, anything below 60 gram would do.
  • exercise would vary, from moderate to high intensity, anything that suits your fancy.

The last, but certainly not least, is where the challenge begins, never eat more than two days in a row, you may pick a 16 to 20 hour fast during your feeding days, but for every two days you go eating, you have to do a 24-hour snake juice fast. also, check out my post on how to make a diet transition

Snake diet

This protocol is every bit of detoxing, as it is of weight loss.

Since the first of January, I’ve been following this protocol, and have managed to trim down a bit (56kg to 54kg, I’m 5’7). Tomorrow, I’ll be going on the 24 hours snake juice fast, where I’ll be breaking my fast by 12 midday, my last meal for today was by 11:30 am. So by12 pm tomorrow, it will be a full-on 24hrs fast.

I’ll be posting updates on the program as the day’s rolls by till the 10th of January.

Does this looks like something you would be trying this year? Let me know what you think in the comments section below 💕

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