Getting fit the Kpop way; the ideal legs!

Here I go with another South Korea inspired post ai?😏

I’ve been having a little bit of writer’s block this past few days, but today I just remembered the images of some of the women in the Kpop music videos I had watched a while back and I remember saying to myself, “damn, those girls got some legs!”

Female kpop idol legs

So today, I decided to write a post on how those girls manage to pull off such an amazing leg visuals.

Kpop idol leg workout

Do you know the Kpop world has an ideal leg measurement that is considered the epitome of camera visual appeal?

This golden leg measurement was made popular by YG entertainment a couple of years back and has since then gotten widespread vogue in the industry.


What is the golden leg measurement?

(in inches) 50-30-20! or 5-3-2

The 5-3-2 measurement

This means the thickest part of your thighs should be measured at 50, the thickest part of your calf’s should be measured at 30, and lastly, the thinnest part of your ankle should be measured at 20.


The 5-3-2 kpop idol leg workout

The workout routine I’m going to be sharing today was made popular by girls generations’ Tiffany Young.

Tiffany young leg workout

Together with South Korean celebrity fitness trainer, they have come up with a highly effective, easy routine you could do while standing.


I think one of the reasons I like this workout is that it can be done without any fancy equipment, it’s convenient to perform, yet none bulking.

The only challenge, however, would be discipline and consistency in getting the work done.🙄

You could do five to ten sets of each exercise, two, maybe three times a day depending on how fast you want to get results. But if you are prone to bulking, like my darling mesomorphs, I’d advise you not to push it too much with the reps in order not to gain unnecessary muscular look to your legs.


So what is the workout routine?


Exercise one: jumping jacks

This helps stimulate the entire lower body, especially the ankles and inner thighs. 4 repetitions equals one set.

Jumping jacks

Exercise two: forward kicks

4 repetition for each leg equals one set

Forward kicks

This exercise stimulates the ankles and the back of your calf

Exercise three: diagonal kicks

4 repetition for each leg equals one set.

Diagonal kicks

This exercise stimulate your pelvis and inner thighs

Exercise four: knee raises

4 repetition for each leg equals one set

Knee raises

To watch the YouTube video for this workout, use the link below

but if you want to stick around and read more blog posts like this on our site, you can start with How to get the Korean S-bodyline. Bless!

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