Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt,

This has to be said!

Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the international entertainment arena, I think since 2015/2016, everyone who knows blackpink, knows Lisa.

Lisa is a combination of talent and great visuals! She oozes out feminine sexuality and the vibes of a queen B.

So because of this, it’s no surprise when people, especially teenagers constantly dream of becoming her, living her life, and identifying with her. It is meant to be that way because that’s the way Kpop was built.

The entire industry runs on manipulating the dreams, hopes and most of all, the insecurities of young naive people. Kpop sells you an imaginary friend if you are a pathetic loner, Kpop sells you an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend, whichever one rocks your fancy, if you’ve got none.

It makes you dissatisfied with your reality by presenting you with an image of what could be, what should be, what you’re missing out on.

Then it presents itself as a source of pleasure, as a source of escape. For in your imagination, you are totally free, uninhabited, you could be anything you want, without being judged, without consequences. The perfect illusion.

But alas, once we’ve tested pleasure once, we’d want to have it again, back and front, back, and front, then we are obsessed.

This is the reason why we have what the South Koreans call, saesang fans.

But this saesang culture is taking a whole new turn on the internet, as people try their very best to create in actuality through the power of photoshop their rather pervasive desires.

Shipping couples together: how it all began

Two/three year’s back, there were a lot of rumors speculating that Blackpinks’ Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook had a thing going just because they took a picture together.

Let’s face it, Jungkook is really good looking, in my take he has one of the best visuals in the BTS boy band. Plus they had kind of looked good together in the snapshot.

But with the amount of photoshopped pictures out there, I don’t even know which one is authentic or not, but what I do know is that these two people are definitely not In any sort of relationship!


What pisses me off

I get that most celebrities thrive on the larger than life image they have successfully built up in the minds of the masses. But do we all have to be mindless zombies, absorbing everything they throw at us, and then hype it up beyond reasonable proportions?

These people are humans too, no matter how often we tend to forget, or blatantly ignore! They are not objects or cartoon characters in which we could do whatever the hell we want with because they have no mind or emotions of their own!

Do you know how annoying, even frustrating it can be when people ship you with some guy/girl you don’t even have a preference for just because they see you smile or had a brief chat with? It had happened to me too, and I know I’m not alone on this!

Then imagine it being done on a global scale, creating all these pictures, having it go viral? All because people are desperately looking for something to rant about.

I remember when Shawn Mendes had said in a fan interview that he liked the Disney t.v show “the wizard of Waverly Place”, then all of a sudden, fans started to say, Shawn was trying to give Selena Gomez a shout out. I mean come on!

When this happened to me, I had to completely cut contact with the guy I was being shipped with, we were mere acquaintances, but hearing what people started to say about us, it was just disgusting! I had it end it.

People need to learn to keep their fantasies and expectations to themselves.

In the case of Jung kook and Lisa, maybe the photo was mere happenstance or a PR stunt. Irrespective of the story behind the photo, if you do not hear shit from the horses’ mouth, shut your pie hole!

Take this as a life skill and lesson.