The socialite challenge for introverts; are you up for it?!

I’ve been pacing around all day trying to figure out what the heck to upload on my blog today.

I guess one of the most important things about my sites’ readers commenting on my blog post is that it lets me figure out what kind of contents I should upload more, what previously uploaded posts need to be updated, it also helps me narrow down my thoughts and ideas, this my friend is priceless!

A recent comment made by an antisocial tomato reader made me revisit an old post and by reading through it, I realized that I had made a promise to upload a follow-up post, which I never did until, well, now.

As you can see through the title of this post, I will be presenting to our community a first-quarter challenge for the year 2020, I think this would be a rather interesting tribute because I would also be actively participating in it as I am also a painful introvert!

As I had said in the previous post Turn yourself into an object of fetish value, branding is everything.

If you want to get ahead in life, or in any field at all, the message you pass across to the world should absolutely not be left to chance.

We all give off a message to whoever we come across, intentionally or not.

maybe positive or not, it may work in our favor or not. Either way, we definitely give off something!

About the issue of branding, however, one of the most important things is to be seen. People have to know you exist!

But depending on the type of image you plan on creating for yourself, it might be counterproductive to brand yourself to early in life or in your career.

I stress this because often times than not, it is kind of hard to figure out what you are about, what you want, until you get yourself out there!

One of the biggest challenges introverts face is the potential of being caught up in their own little world. Unable to relate with the very people who are responsible for their progress or popularity in any field.

It’s like I said in Turn yourself into an object of fetish value that money and fortune goes wherever the people go.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking “oh, I don’t need the money or fame”, yeah, you might not, but you sure as hell need the people and the fundings to improve your work or self.

Where the hell do you think all that will come from, last I checked, Genies don’t exist!

Creating awareness by getting yourself out there

Nobody is self-made

Nobody is independent

You may say you don’t need people, that all you need is perfection in your work.

Well, tell that to the millions of talented individuals who are either ignored or underrated.

Tell that to the people whose amazing work never gets past their workshop, whose ideas never get heard past their friends and family, whose works never get seen by another soul other than their overweight kitty.

You think you’re going to be the exception? Do the math!

Often times our hype or beliefs of ourselves sterns from our laziness, and an inability to accept reality.

This life is too short to bank on the possibility of luck for success/fortune

The challenge

A lot of introverts have a conversation with no more than 10 different people per week if they are “social”, this is bad!

I know at my worse, I would only converse with like 5 different people for weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not including social media chats!

When it comes to building conversation and people skills, social media is the worst place to practice.

Often times then not, it is easy to read into it or see what we want because the other persons’ physical absence creates a mental vacuum which gives our mind the opportunity to fill it up with our imaginations.

This is one of the reasons online relationships are a total disaster, as often times what we imagine are most likely far from the truth.

Conversing with people in person opens you up, giving you enough self distance to know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

It gives you the opportunity to know what you’re about, it builds your self-confidence, which is a priceless character strength!

Knowing how other people think through engaging them in a meaningful conversation, will widen the way in which you see life, it will be the death to narrow-mindedness.

Additionally, you would also be creating an invaluable network of fans and allies.

What you need to do

Within the next three months, I want you to

  • Speak at least 40 to 50 different people per month, join a club if you are not part of one.
  • catch up with old friends or acquaintances, it shouldn’t matter how long you guys have fallen out, neither should it matter if they qualify as your kind of person, the real challenge is to engage with people outside your comfort zone and preference. the challenge is to broaden how you see life by seeing it through the eyes of different people!
  • speak to at least one random person every two days.
  • take account of your progress and what you have learnt or discover during the course of the challenge or each week.

My brother was actually the one who gave me this assignment, and now I’m sharing it with you.

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