The only body glow-up advice you’ll ever need

One of the major parts of glowing up is having a body that we would be proud of.

Being able to look at the mirror and say “damn girl, you’ve got it going!”. Everyone wants to get to that point.

So we try to spend a little extra on clothes, some more time working out, we try to get our hair and makeup working in our favor, but yet we feel something else is still missing, sometimes it’s clear, other times? Not so much.


Some girls are born “lucky”, having “everything” going for them from day one, while the rest of us would have to work to get to that point.

Having gone and still going through that process myself, I have to admit that there are a few things I wished I had realized much sooner, things although quite “little” as it may seem, would have saved me a lot of heartaches, and cash!


Today, I plan on sharing what those realizations were with the hopes that you would not only receive it well but also remember and practice it to the necessary extent.

My advice to you

A lot of the time, people encourage learning through trial and error, but honestly, life is too short, and resources too precious to be thrown all out on failed projects.

To save ourselves the loss, and also to cut the cost of education, paying attention to people who have already been through the path we are trying to take would prove utterly invaluable!


So what are my advice to you?

My advice on weight-loss, fitness, plastic surgery, and, body goals.

Now, who the hell wishes a glow-up without having at the top of their to-do list “get a banging body”?

I’m literally yet to find one person who did not include any type of bodily modifications or improvements to their list.

That’s normal, that’s expected.

But if we are being honest with ourselves, most of the standards we try to get to is often based on comparison to others we consider to be “beautiful”.

I know, I know. You’ve probably heard this advice like a million times, “love yourself”, “body positivity” right?

But if you are like me, when has that ever worked?


As a human being, a normal one,

it is often impossible not to play the comparison card, we are after all social creatures.

But, instead of advising you to “love yourself”, even though you should,

and then the classic “Fuck your beauty standards” feminist mantra🤘, I’m going to advise you to take a rather novel approach.

I call it playing a healthy comparison game.

Every body is inherently unique, we all have a “beautiful body” tucked underneath the one we are unsatisfied with.

But you have to take careful note of that one word “unique”.

This means your “beautiful body”, may not work with the current social standards.

I know by taking this route, it is quite easy to fall into the trap of mediocrity and neglect with your looks, one of our brain’s primary purpose is to protect us from pain,

Because of this, it is quite easy for us to convince ourself that everything is OK when in reality it’s not.


This is where the need for a healthy comparison comes to play.

Ask yourself these questions anytime you plan on settling for a particular look, or even striving towards one

  • Is where I am today a much better place than where I was yesterday?, physically, emotionally, mentally? Is my health in a much better place?
  • am I striving to be, or have what is not part of me? are my goals based on what someone else has or what is actually realistic for my body type?
  • are my goals and approaches working with me or against me?
  • is this the best I can do?
  • when is it ever going to be “enough”? (you have to know when to stop, and maintain what you’ve got).

I have learned that a lot of times when progress is slow, let it.

This is a priceless opportunity you’ve gotten to come to terms with reality, with what you truly want, it is the time you learn self acceptance, patience, and, discipline.

Never rush the process, for you just might regret it!

My advice on style and fashion

Everyone wants to have a visually stunning image, we spend thousands of dollars to accomplishing this goal every single year.

It is quite convenient to follow fashion trends, even if it does not always work in your favor, it saves you the mental energy spent on trying to figure out what truly works for you.


It’s a bargain a lot of us cannot bear to resist, even though we end up coming out of the factory looking like a mass-produced barbie doll.

In my previous blog post, turn yourself into an object of fetish value I cautioned about not being a victim by taking the efforts to figure out what works for you, what brings out the best of you, it may cost more to do so, but such price would be a drop in the bucket in comparison to the benefits you will reap.

  • Know what colors work for you
  • know what kinds of tailoring makes you look snatched and expensive
  • know what to avoid and save yourself some cash
  • learn to invest in quality, and ditch the lures of fast fashion.
  • know you body type, and how to dress for it. when you’ve mastered the rules, you can then afford to be daring, bending established rules to your advantage.
  • avoid copy-cat fashion styles, what works for one person, may not work for you!

There are so many things which goes into the process of glowing up, however, for today, this is what I wish my audience would know,


do you have something to chip in? let us know in the comments section below💝

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Very little can be done to 'change' the world, especially if 80% of the stakes required for any degree of change to occur depends on other people's willingness to do so. I am not interested in "changing" the world, I'm only interested in changing myself and my 'world'. For, in the end, that's where the true change occurs.

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