How to afford leveling up as a broke college student

What’s up internet people!😎

Let me start by apologizing for ghosting out on this blog for a couple of days.

On my last blog post, I told you guys that I had just adopted a week old orphaned pup, and my God, I never knew how difficult nursing a living thing could be,

I don’t know how mums do it, honestly!

That dog had me up every two hours all through the night to feed and comfort it, that was the only way to stop it from screaming, I’m still a bit lethargic, but I’ll live.

Anyway, for my comeback post today, I felt I needed to make something about leveling up as an otherwise broke college student with little funds.

Initially, I wanted to save this post for later in the future because technically I can still be classified as a college broke ass myself, and so I acknowledged that fact, “a blind man cannot lead a blind man” they say.
But yet again my blog is not about telling people what to do, but about sharing my experiences, putting it out there to the world, with the intention of letting myself be taught by others and having them learn from me as well if they can.

So in this light, I’m just going to go ahead and share what I know about leveling up financially, educationally, socially and physically.

Part of my new year’s resolution is to stop acting like I know something when clearly I do not. To stop trying to be what I’m not, and so in this case, “an expert”

So without further ado, this is what I’ve learned

Leveling up from the grassroots

If you are anything like me, you probably had a rather plain, normal, maybe a somewhat awkward high school experience,

I wasn’t popular, well, not in the traditional sense,
I was (am) skinny, with an awkward tomboyish taste in fashion, I knew what being put together looked like, but there sure is a big difference between knowing and doing, and I was at the far end of the “knowing” spectrum.

My college freshman year, which was just last year, was just embarrassing now I’ve come to think of it as I look back at the pictures I took, most of which was as a result of me being cajoled into doing it, it was bad.

I hated taking pictures, especially with people because I couldn’t withstand the discrepancy.

It just reminded me of how much I didn’t look after or like myself, I’ve come to understand that how we look and what we chose to do with our body is in fact in direct correlation to our innermost self-image of ourselves.

If someone has bad grooming and generally looks fucked up it is often a sign that they either do not place that much value on themselves or they have poor self-esteem.

If they are obsessed with their look or have gone to great lengths to change themselves in a disturbingly short period of time, usually through surgeries, they are most likely highly insecure, have higher levels of self-loathing, and emotional issues.

The period it takes for a glow up to occur is priceless because during that time you get to feel hosts of emotions from happiness, to frustration, anger, bitterness, relief.

But all these emotions are not to be avoided but embraced for through them you learn self-acceptance, discipline, self-love, and the sweet taste of the joy that comes with accomplishments through pain and efforts.

I am not where I want to be at the moment, but when I examine my emotions, and I look at my current pictures, I am proud of how far I have come and excited about where I’m going.

With this newfound growth, it is safe to say, that I am outgrowing my depression, I know too much about myself to believe the false thinking about me and my world which is often the gasoline to fire when it comes to depression.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to heal yourself from the outside-in you know.

Steps to leveling up

One of the biggest challenges to leveling up is the fear of being different, the fear of being different from what people already know to be of us.

A lot of the time, we act out in life the script that has been allotted to us through society, past experiences, and people’s expectations of what we should be, of what “we are”.

Often times, we are the product of happenstance.

So this brings me to my first step

Start small, start change with the easiest of things, which sometimes, is the least”noticeable” of things

When I started my leveling up journey, I started by organizing my day better, carving out time for a skincare routine, exercise, and cleaning up my living space. By organizing my life, I was in a better position to spot the loopholes in my life, most notably in my finances and mindset.
I’ve noticed that it is quite hard to find a problem when it’s been hidden away nicely by both emotional and physical clutter.

Learn how to manage the money and time you already have, spending based on priority rather than impulse and emotions

Keep an account of where you spend your money and time, and this also includes where you chose to spend your mental time (attention).
If all you focus and see is negative, the law of attraction says that all you’re ever going to get!

You will also find it exceedingly helpful to have a record on your spendings, keeping a receipt after every transaction where possible would prove to be gold.

When trying to figure out what to start buying to help you “level up”, start with the essentials only, preferably, start with the sustainable essentials.

This is the kind where you do not have to buy them ever so often because they don’t last.
You cannot afford to be liberal with your purchases.

Chose your company and who you confine in carefully

Just as how you need to be savvy with your purchases of goods and services, you should be twice when it comes to choosing a company, as they can only do two things

  • Build you or
  • break you, and sometimes beyond repair

The best kind of company will be the ones hungry for improvements in their lives, and most of all are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get there.

Iron sharpens iron!

Invest in your education and enlightenment

You can’t know that you don’t know until you realize how much you don’t know.

That should explain everything 😎

Get your hands into as many hustles and hobbies as you can possibly keep up with

When you are starting out, you cannot afford to be caged in.

Getting yourself out there will not only help you raise money for the necessary improvement needed as change is expensive, but it will offer you the opportunity to open up your mind and presumption about your abilities and the world in general.

The world is multidimensional, with everyone living in a dimension of their own, this is why two people can experience the same event but give totally different accounts of what had transpired.

Seeing the world through your eyes alone can be crippling, mixing up with as many people as sensible from different backgrounds and life experiences give you a broader, more accurate description of life.

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Very little can be done to 'change' the world, especially if 80% of the stakes required for any degree of change to occur depends on other people's willingness to do so. I am not interested in "changing" the world, I'm only interested in changing myself and my 'world'. For, in the end, that's where the true change occurs.

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