A message to collage students: how not to graduate broke

I’ve been extremely busy these past few days, I just went back to school on Sunday to start my sophomore year at the University, additionally, a finally landed a jackpot discovery in relations to my future finances and vocation/career.

Me chilling at a local pub😎

A couple of years ago, I had an idea of what I wanted to do, and what interested me well enough for me to pursue it.

Sunday was the day the pieces finally came together, and I have been pursuing its actualization ever since, funny enough, the deeper I explore the possibilities of my ideas and ventures, the more excited I become, even though the deeper I go, the more monsters I discover that’ll prove to be a potential problem

but hey, what’s life without the uglies?!

What started it all

Just before my school’s resumption date, I’ve been really thinking about my life after college,

  • What would I be doing after that?
  • how would I be able to afford a living and a substantial lifestyle on my own after graduating? I don’t want to have to be a burden to my parents or family at that point.
  • if I should choose to have a family in my 20s how the hell can I be able to give my kids a rather comfortable lifestyle?

Having these thoughts running through my mind, I started doing a bit more digging, as the Nigerian economy is still trying to get out of a recession, as the unemployment levels are at it’s an all-time high, just cruising through college, partying and being reckless would only prepare me disaster after the safety net of a school environment has been removed.

The moment you graduate college, you are officially broke and unemployed.

Making plans for the future as an undergraduate

While it would convenient to just enjoy your fleeting stay in college, convenience sometimes can be more expensive than we would like to bargained for.

Before settling down on a decision whether during or after you graduate, you have to sit and count the cost of what it is that you desire.

I started off by surveying the cost of living for every state in the country I am considering moving to, the tax laws, especially for businesses and most importantly, the opportunities available for development and success.

For all three states, I had considered in Nigeria 🇳🇬,

I had considered living in Abuja, the capital.

Lagos, Nigeria’s and West Africa’s financial hub.

Or Calabar, Nigeria’s center for tourism.

I am primarily interested in developmental real estate and the agriculture/manufacturing industries.


the average cost of living at the moment is at #200,000($555.6) per month if I should have a rather middle-class lifestyle.

This covers rent, food, entertainment, and hobby, etc, for one person.

Regardless, the place I consider most extensively when it comes to settling is the capital territory. it’s is, however, the only place I’ve actually been to, and I love that city.

sometimes, I think only adore it because I am yet to find an eligible competitor, I’ll have to travel and research as many cities as possible before I settle.

So with this in mind, I set out to find how best to lay the foundation for what I want, so when I graduate I wouldn’t be left with absolutely nothing.

And thankfully for me, so far so good.

My advice to other undergraduates

  • Stop fooling around and start considering the life you want to have after you leave the system, then make rational decisions that are in line with what you want. College lasts for just four years, the rest of your life lasts for well, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE
  • make conscious efforts each day to reach out to as many people as possible who can help you after you graduate, in paraphrase, start working on your networks! That is the only major leverage you can ever have against your peers in our modern society.
  • if you are still unsure about what it is that you would like to do, get your hands into as many fields as possible which interests you, get as many experiences as possible. blogging for me played a major role in helping me figure out my life.
  • hustle and take risks while you still have a safety net (school, family, parents), while you can still afford a deal/idea gone wrong, while you can still afford to fail to your heart’s content and learn from it.
  • make as many friends and connections to other promising students in your school, consider it a long term investment with a potential for great returns.

What I’ve been up to lately

My goal with the next two+ years I have left is to be able to afford $600 (#216,000) in passive income by the time I’ll be graduating.

Thankfully, since I have no college loans to pay, and no kids, having such amount coming in from no direct work would get me out of the rat race 🐀 and into the affluent stage by 23.

But of course, $600 is just the ground floor, my real target is $1000-$2000 per month.

With that, I could easily afford to go into real estate and the Agribusiness.

I could easily get a plot of land in the suburban areas in the capital province for ($833.3) #300,000> and even less!

Nigeria has one of the worlds fastest-growing economy with a population set to be in the hundreds of millions, most of which will be youths, this will prove to be profitable for businesses who can meet up with demands and also problematic for “fresh out the system” youths just hoping to land a job when they graduate, the population is growing faster than the jobs available!

I’m currently studying economics at the University, and now I’m glad I chose that course of study. originally, I hated it!

I believe based on stats that Africa and Asia are the economic future, this is why I get really disappointed when I hear kids my age trying to migrate to the West for greener pastures, economically, the train has already left the station years ago, all the lucrative gold mines have been mined, leaving the rest of modern population to struggle for scraps, along with the “financially desperate” aged baby boomers.

Africa and Asia still have billion-dollar gold mines that are yet to be discovered and exploited, along with a booming young population.

I’m not going anywhere!

Even if I was paid to do so.

Food is cheap, cost of living affordable, labor is plenty, the tax laws has too many loopholes, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Call me a capitalist🤣🤣

My current project

As a 20-year-old, who is going to be 21 this year, I’m legally old enough to register and start a business in my name.

I had planned initially on making start-up money directly through blogging since last year, but I couldn’t just bring myself to do it.

I love writing and sharing my experience and knowledge with people, it’s practically one of the most fulfilling practice I could ever engage in, I love to teach, just as much as I love the business world.

I derive more satisfaction helping people and other people’s businesses and products than I do making my own projects, that is why I will not engage in any direct production of my own. I’d rather work or partner up with promising businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as start-ups.

That is the highest good I see myself performing.

I plan on starting an online shopping store/community targeted towards debutants (mostly youths) who are just starting or planning on starting out on their own, these people are either buying or renting their first apartment or home, having their first child, their first job.

I love shopping, it is more than a hobby or addiction, but a spiritual practice (I know that sounds dumb😅) I love discovering new products or services, or investment opportunities and pivoting them against each other to crown the best.

When it comes to shopping and saving cash and time, most people are not as savvy as they’d like to think.

I’ll be working with various experts to help people get themselves “set up”, and no, I wouldn’t be selling anything of my own directly, but I will be partnering up with reputable businesses I trust and connecting them with my shoppers.

Through special dropshipping contracts, I can regulate what gets sold on my site, instead of having independent merchants. This would also allow me to offer hard to get goods at the most affordable price possible,

This may have to mean smaller profit margins for me, but the cause is the gain for me.

My site would be going live in February, as it is still under construction, and my merchant partners who are mostly in China are on their lunar year holiday (Chinese New Year).

My new site, the shopaholic Ant will also be an extension of my official site the antisocial tomato.

So in order for you to be notified when we go live and get all my latest updates, deals, and insights, subscribe to this blogs’ email list.

So as an undergrad, what are your plans to help you escape the rat race before you even get the chance to begin it?

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