The Korean S-bodyline diet for people with stubborn lower body fat!

When it comes to achieving that coveted “body goal“, the lower body always proves to be the area of the greatest challenge for most people, most especially when you are still far from hitting menopause. During this period, your lower body, that is, the thighs and butt, is your body’s primary place for fat storage.


Today, I will be making yet another sequel post after reading one of my antisocial tomato reader’s comments on How to get the Korean S bodyline. I decided I needed to make a follow-up post to customize what had been said to a much specific group of people with a similar problem.

To be honest, coming up with the content for this post was rather exciting for me as I do face similar challenges when it comes to losing lower body fat. Over the past year, I had gone through a decent amount of trial and error phases, which is why I think it’s safe to say that I am now somewhat of a master at this field of knowledge, mastering not only the science behind lower body weight gain, but also the right mindset and approach needed to tackle this case.


Key culprits to lower body weight gain

While the most obvious factor responsible for more fat deposits in this area of the body is clearly hormones, more specifically, estrogen and then genetics. There are still other potent (if not equally potent) factors that can cause you to be “bigger” around that region. This could include,

A Sugar/high carb diet

In my opinion, this is practically the biggest culprit to excess lower body fat! In my previous blog post, how fat enters and leaves the body, I shed a little bit of light on the detriments of a carb-loaded diet on women, especially those who are more carb sensitive, with the mesomorph body type being the classic model.

When it comes to weight gain, depending on your level of tolerance, carbohydrates acts as a gaslight. The higher the glycemic index of it, the more fuel power you’ve got, even if you are on a caloric deficit! It’ll scare you to know that fat cells, just like cancer cells, operate independently on their own to the rest of the body.


Why the calorie in, calorie out idea does not work especially in the long run, is primarily as a result of a little hormone called insulin. Insulin on its part does not care much about how much energy comes into the body in the form of food, all it cares about is the amount of sugar/glucose present in the bloodstream. So the moment a well enough spike occurs, it will signal to the fat cells, “store up we’ve got plenty!”

Mesomorphs are mesomorphs because they are more insulin resistant.

A diet high in sodium

While sodium (salt) may not cause fat gains, it does increase your body’s level of water retention, and it’s not in a good way!

Sodium acts like a sponge in the body, soaking up moisture from your body, which also causes you to thirst more, I mean, why won’t you? You’re dehydrated!

With more water being retained, obviously, the aftermath would be a lager looking body. I often like to assert that “people are not as fat as they think”, and this very much applies to this circumstance!

An overly developed thigh muscles

Not too long ago, I made a post on who shouldn’t be doing certain exercises if they want slimmer thighs, one of the major issues, however, least talked about is an overly muscular lower body, which is more prevalent on people who are into high-intensity sports that require brief yet powerful movement such as power gymnastics, fencing, etc. Going too hard on the weights for an extended period of time also produces similar results with bodybuilders being an extreme case.

I made a post on how to tackle the issue of excess bulking in a previous post, so you can go check it out.

Keys to getting rid of lower body fat on thighs

Summing it up in an overly simplified manner; you need to do the opposite of factors that had caused the problem in the first place to fix the problem!

Nevertheless, I’d break it down a bit. This is what I had done to cut down the amount of fat I had accumulated from bad diet choices and a poor lifestyle.

  • I cut down the amount of carbohydrates I ate from God-knows-what-grams to 50grams per day and below. I do not recommend the keto diet as it is too restrictive and you would also be cutting out a host of other essential nutrients by such dietary restrictions.
  • since practically every food you eat would cause some level of insulin spikes, I adopted an 18/6 intermittent fasting style. Doing this would speed up progress exponentially.
  • You should keep a very close eye on your sodium intake especially when you consume any food or condiments made in a factory. Sprinkling extra salt on your food should also be a habit that should either be controlled or stopped completely. Your blood pressure will thank you for that!
  • depending on your body type, the kind of work out you should be doing should be tailored carefully to how your body will likely respond to it. This should be ever so critical for people who have a very high susceptibility to bulking up muscles because of the high level of HGH (human growth hormone) they naturally produce or inject.
  • I also found out that jump roping helps tremendously with trimming down the lower body, you could turn it into a fun game, seeing how far you can go in each stretch without stripping on the ropes.
  • Last but not least, you should also learn to give yourself and body a little bit of break, fat loss takes time, so when you’re working out and building muscles in the process, you may look ‘bigger’ but that okay, you shouldn’t give up at the first sign of an increased measurement.
This should sum up my point

Now to round up this post with some super awkward before and after pics of me after 1 week of keeping to this advice



Since this is still an ongoing project at the moment, I’ll be uploading the final results by the end of the month.


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