Affluence starts with the Mani’s

There is an age-old belief that says that you can tell a man’s class or profession by merely looking at their hands.

Indeed for a woman, you could literally tell her level of self-attentiveness, value, and care by how well her hands look.

Anyone can slather on a good makeup and perfume, but it takes a truly elegant woman to pay attention to the littlest of details when it comes to their physical appearance.

If there is one thing the affluent society is known for, is it scrutinizing eyes, therefore, anything that hints at you not putting your best foot forward; a chipped nail polish, that little tear on your cloth, a poorly-tailored dress or suit, could drastically lower your value, putting a roof over how far you could go in life.

Luxury nail polish

This nevertheless, does not mean you should engage in an avant-garde display of wealth through clothing and material possession, for that will only flatter (sometimes) the people who are poor or nouveau rich. But never the people who are affluent, people who hold the power to advance your career. at best, you’d only end up stirring disgust, insecurities, and envy, all of which are counter productive for you. How to climb a social ladder: the rules

unlike men, women have a much “easier” ride into the affluent society, a well dressed and spoken woman with a beautiful face and shallow pockets can travel much faster than the average man or person.


other than the face and legs, what other body parts do you think gets the most attention and grace?

A beautiful, delicate, well-kept hands. Nothing screams “money bag” and luxury louder than that!

A beautiful hand right from the beginning of organized society has been something most sought after, it is a sign we unconsciously ascribe to nobility, even to our modern-day, it is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down soon.

Not too long ago, I shared a post on how to get baby hands, HOW TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABY HANDS today we are going to talk get a flawless manicure to go with it by picking the right nail polish shade. The kind that screams class, femininity, and elegance!

Picking the right nail polish

Pretty much all nail polish colors are beautiful, the only question, who’s wearing it?


When it comes to colors, factors such as skin tone, skin undertone, and the general skin contrast would always play major roles in what colors truly brings out the beauty of your hands.

Nude nail polish

Although generally, I do love nude and pastel colors as it is easy for it to blend into any outfit or style I chose to wear any day, having other colors on too from time to time doesn’t hurt, the general rule of thumb is to keep it elegant and natural, no matter what color you chose to wear

Elegant nail polish

Colour charts for dummies

skin undertones, are typically classified into warm and cold, which are further broken down into seasons; autumn, winter, spring, and summer. With spring and autumn falling under warm, while summer and winter, are classified cold.

Skin undertone coding for nail polish

Knowing what skin undertone you fall under is the basics to knowing what color that doesn’t just suit you, but also enhances your features while remaining natural.

In my case, I am a warm autumn.


these charts are also applicable, though with slight modifications to people of darker skin tone.

Tips to finding your undertone

Do you have Green or blue veins? This is one of the most common ways of determining your skin undertone, check your wrist, if you can see green veins, then you are warm-toned like me. If your veins are blue, then obviously, you are cold toned. Of cause, there are also those who have both green and blue colored veins.

Skin undertone test

The gold/silver test stand in front of a neutral background, white perhaps, and hold gold or silver cloth or jewelry, whichever one you like. Place either item alongside your face and look at a mirror, if your face looks dull against; A. Gold, then you are cold toned, B. Silver, then you are warm-toned. Obviously, if either color brightens up your face, giving you a glow in the process, then you know you are the tone such item represents.

The shade of your hair and eye color also gives out a little bit of information on what skin undertone you have.

Picking a nail polish

People with cold summer undertones are the queens of pastel colors!

everything on the light and cool side looks great on them.

there is always a general rule of thumb when it comes to picking colors for every four seasons and categories especially when the goal is to have an elegant polished finish.

granted, it may be tempting to purchase and use a color you like even though it might not be the best shade on you, I, for example, love cool pastel colors, but as warm autumn, that would only make my hands look dull and shaggy, with the color overpowering my hands.

Luxury manicure

Therefore, as annoying as it may be at times, we just have to find what works and stick to it.

Extra notes

When trying to get a clean manicure work done, most people would have on to a spa, which is recommended, I know I can’t pull the look that I want on my own, don’t have the skills for that. But due to the pandemic, most businesses are out of work for safety reasons. You could nevertheless, use this as an opportunity to learn the art of self-pampering so you do not have to meet a professional every single time you need a job done. That’s why DIY manicure kits exist. Just know that no matter how beautiful and proud you are of the work you have done, do not keep nail polish on for more than a week. I learned that the hard way as the nail polish ended up staining my nails.

Take the polish out every week if you applied them directly to your nails every week even if they are perfectly fine and reapply again, even if it’s the same color.

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