Innisfree turns 20!

Since the rise of kbeauty as a result of the worldwide spread of the kpop fever (you can thank BTS for that), there has been one cosmetic brand that has risen to lead this new craze, attaining in the process cult-like following of loyal beauty enthusiasts bound to put to shame most western brands.

I myself have been a fan too, with the Innisfree green tea serum being one of my all-time favorites.

Innisfree hydrating serum

Innisfree is a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand created by Amore Pacific in 2000. The brand name derives from [Irish] poet W. B. Yeats‘ poem, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree‘. 

According to Innisfree history, it’s founder Sunghwan Suh’s  mission began in his childhood when he spent countless hours watching his
mother artfully craft beauty treatments from the finest camellia oil.

His tireless search to continue this legacy eventually led him to Jeju Island.

While many believed it to be a barren land void
of nourishment, Mr. Suh saw Jeju Island’s potential
to be the perfect grounds for cultivating a green tea field.


His instincts were right, as Jeju’s natural elements—
the mineral-rich water, the volcanic ash soil, the ideal
precipitation levels and the moderate temperatures—all
worked in harmony to yield a superior green tea harvest

In 2000, Jeju Island and its unmatched green tea fields formed the foundation of Innisfree.

Innisfree history

From there, Innisfree went on to unlock the skincare benefits of over 15 ingredients responsibly sourced from the island using cutting-edge extraction methods
that preserve their purity and potency from plant to bottle.

Innisfree to this day continues to discover new ways to tap into the wonders of Jeju Island’s rare natural reserves to offer skincare solutions for every concern.

Kbeauty philosophy


The Korean approach to beauty is all about prevention.
Women from other parts of the world may not consider a full skin care routine until they notice a blemish or fine lines forming, whereas Korean women begin meticulously caring for their skin from a very young age before any damage has been done. They believe that if you need to address a problem, it’s too late and covering flaws with heavy makeup is not an option.

Innisfree beauty philosophy

They preserve and protect their skin’s pristine state to delay aging for as long as possible to achieve and maintain a truly healthy glow.

In this quest to maintain an authentically flawless complexion, Korean women go to great lengths to seek out the finest and safest ingredients, the most efficient delivery systems and the most effective layering techniques—sometimes involving more than 12 products!
—creating a skincare routine that sets the standard worldwide.

Today, as one of South Korea’s leading beauty brand clocks 20, a significant milestone, we wish them the best of luck and dedication to their craft!

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