My day out and about plus an official face reveal!

Since the issuing of the lockdown and mandatory self-quarantine, I had barely stepped out of my house, most especially in the past three months. To be honest, I did enjoy spending endless hours in my bedroom, it gave me time to really sit down and take stock of my life, it offered me the chanceContinue reading “My day out and about plus an official face reveal!”

The truth about nose slimming exercises

There has been a recent trend on the internet, especially on social media platforms like YouTube with insurmountable videos dedicated to showing people how to get a slimmer looking nose without going under a knife as society still view plastic surgery as a taboo even though the rate of people visiting the surgeon’s office andContinue reading “The truth about nose slimming exercises”

6 ways to keep the clutter out during the pandemic

One could genuinely think that since we spend literally the whole day at home, then our living and working space would be organized and absolutely spotless. I mean, we’ve got nothing else to do, no social engagements, no tight schedules, no school, no work, just us with our remote control and t.v in our pajamas.Continue reading “6 ways to keep the clutter out during the pandemic”

How I make my sausage bread rolls!

After my last post on You won’t be throwing away the pasta water after this and the wonderful reception it received from my readers, I decided that taking topics on cooking just as important as I do other topics on my blog may also be a good idea After graduating high school in 2016, IContinue reading “How I make my sausage bread rolls!”

You won’t be throwing away the pasta water after this

Who would have thought that that murky looking water had more it than just a cordial friendship with the kitchen drainage? 🤷‍♀️ Growing up watching my mom prepare pasta and tossing away the starchy pasta water every single time, I came to think that getting rid of the starch was a criterion in preparing flawlessContinue reading “You won’t be throwing away the pasta water after this”