Creating the iconic Cat-eye look by Sophia Loren

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I uploaded anything at all on makeup, especially tutorials. While I’m completely a novice when it comes to applying makeup to my face, I am yet to learn the techniques, in fact, I just recently started buying makeup, I bought my first makeup foundation only aContinue reading “Creating the iconic Cat-eye look by Sophia Loren”

The only body glow-up advice you’ll ever need

One of the major parts of glowing up is having a body that we would be proud of. Being able to look at the mirror and say “damn girl, you’ve got it going!”. Everyone wants to get to that point. So we try to spend a little extra on clothes, some more time working out,Continue reading “The only body glow-up advice you’ll ever need”

Cracking the fitness code: the world athletes secret

“No pain, no gain” That is the most common fitness mantra of the century, you have to give it 💯% every day, go tough, go hard, or go home. It is no surprise that people, especially those new to fitness find it hard to keep up a fitness routine. Within this past few years, IContinue reading “Cracking the fitness code: the world athletes secret”


Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, doesn’t matter if you think that they are just some bunch of idiotic overly glorified modern-day courtesans, their impact on our present-day society is felt worldwide! I mean these women are literally praised for doing absolutely nothing, right?. A lot of people are either too busy beingContinue reading “LEARNING THE SINISTER ARTS OF FAME FROM THE MODERN MASTERS”

Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt, This has to be said! Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the internationalContinue reading “Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops”