6 ways to keep the clutter out during the pandemic

One could genuinely think that since we spend literally the whole day at home, then our living and working space would be organized and absolutely spotless. I mean, we’ve got nothing else to do, no social engagements, no tight schedules, no school, no work, just us with our remote control and t.v in our pajamas.Continue reading “6 ways to keep the clutter out during the pandemic”

Affluence starts with the Mani’s

There is an age-old belief that says that you can tell a man’s class or profession by merely looking at their hands. Indeed for a woman, you could literally tell her level of self-attentiveness, value, and care by how well her hands look. Anyone can slather on a good makeup and perfume, but it takesContinue reading “Affluence starts with the Mani’s”

Creating the iconic Cat-eye look by Sophia Loren

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I uploaded anything at all on makeup, especially tutorials. While I’m completely a novice when it comes to applying makeup to my face, I am yet to learn the techniques, in fact, I just recently started buying makeup, I bought my first makeup foundation only aContinue reading “Creating the iconic Cat-eye look by Sophia Loren”

Bite me! How to make a totally kissable lips

I’ve been having this post laying around in my draft since last year, so today I decided to beat the procrastination and just upload this once and for all. However, I’m going to be answering some questions concerning lip balms first. What is the primary purpose of a lip balm? The primary purpose of lipContinue reading “Bite me! How to make a totally kissable lips”

TASTE BUDS!: My favorite skin brightening smoothies and juices

I love nutrition, and I love skincare, put them together, and we’ve got ourselves a combo! We all know how much the food we eat affects our health, our skin, nevertheless, is not excluded. You are what you eat! 70% of the quality of our skin depends on what we put into our mouths, whileContinue reading “TASTE BUDS!: My favorite skin brightening smoothies and juices”