Celebrating my two years anniversary as a blogger

Today would officially make it my second year in the blogging industry, even though the times I had spent actually blogging is notoriously inconsistent! This nevertheless was as a result of me doubting my abilities and the value of what I bring to the table as a blogger. The last time anything at all wasContinue reading “Celebrating my two years anniversary as a blogger”

How to afford leveling up as a broke college student

What’s up internet people!😎 Let me start by apologizing for ghosting out on this blog for a couple of days. On my last blog post, I told you guys that I had just adopted a week old orphaned pup, and my God, I never knew how difficult nursing a living thing could be, I don’tContinue reading “How to afford leveling up as a broke college student”

The socialite challenge for introverts; are you up for it?!

I’ve been pacing around all day trying to figure out what the heck to upload on my blog today. I guess one of the most important things about my sites’ readers commenting on my blog post is that it lets me figure out what kind of contents I should upload more, what previously uploaded postsContinue reading “The socialite challenge for introverts; are you up for it?!”

Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops

When I was gathering the necessary information for my previous post, I came across some really, REALLY, disturbing photoshopped pictures of her (Lisa) made by thirsty fans, and without a doubt, This has to be said! Now, we all love Lisa Monobam, the Thai Kpop sensation. And with the rise of blackpink on the internationalContinue reading “Blackpink’s Lisa edition; cringy kpop fans’ photoshops”